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10 Trends in Fourth Industrial Revolution

The widespread use of automation, big data, the Internet of things and cloud services has onset the peak of the fourth industrial revolution. JeraSoft shares with you a list of tech trends in 2017.

Augmented Reality

In 2010, AR (augmented reality) technology was just emerging. Now experts are already predicting that by 2018 the market for virtual and augmented reality will amount to no less than $4 billion. In 2017, AR technology will become even more widespread than now.

Worker Shortages

The biggest challenge for IT companies in the UK is the lack of workers. Every year, the market needs about two hundred thousand STEM graduates, and this is twice the number who graduate. Six out of ten managers consider the shortage of personnel a serious threat to their business.


The pressure on developers and engineers, who are expected to produce everything as if “yesterday”, is leading them to have more skills and be able to quickly switch from designing and creating a product to its modeling, costing, and production. This development comes at the same time as the spread of CAD/CAM technologies—computer-aided design/manufacturing.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Manufacturers have long existed in an information vacuum, but new opportunities that provide analysis of big data will soon be enjoyed by all market participants. Also, it will be completely impossible to ignore the possibility of the Internet of things—this is the biggest and most obvious trend of 2017.  We at JeraSoft have developed Internet of Things (IoT) billing solution, a powerful tool to help IoT/M2M providers coping with the huge amount of traffic gathered from multiple devices.


With the development of robotics, it became possible to automate many types of production processes. Very soon we will see factories that combine physical with virtual, where workers and robots will share information with each other, and where all processes will self-regulate.


The use of game mechanics in non-player processes is still met with skepticism by many companies. But as market participants are increasingly adopting this concept, gaming is becoming more common. Gamification can help workers cope with many challenges regarding productivity, training, and recruitment.

3D Printing

Functional 3D printing, or additive production, allows users to create products that cannot be produced by traditional means. According to forecasts by the British national working group on additive production, by 2020 the share of Great Britain in this market will be about 8%, or $ 6.1 billion.


In 2017, robots will cease to be the future—they will be already among us. Robotic solutions are becoming more popular, and you can only expect even more growth in robotics in 2017. Of course, there will be more discussions about the social, industrial and economic use of robots.

Smart Production

The production of consumer goods on demand and the reduction of production runs are becoming one of the most common phenomena in the industry, largely due to additive production. Software developers now offer instant quotations, delivery times and feedback on many processes, including 3D printing and manufacturing of products from polyurethane. Usually, the more complex the product, the more expensive any changes in the project become. Computer design and modeling allow simplification of this process, and making changes in the early stages is becoming cheaper.

JeraSoft supports innovators with a full-featured Internet of Things (IoT) billing solution, empowered with rating and mediation features. It supports the implementation of Internet (IoT) and inter-machine interaction (M2M) in an industry, enabling remote monitoring and management of connected assets (technological objects, devices, SIM cards).

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