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Telecoms Awards: Jerasoft is the Best Telecom Billing – Rating and Routing Solution 2018

TMT Telecoms Awards 2018 winners Jerasoft

August 30, 2018, London, UK – JeraSoft, one of the leading Telecom and IoT billing solutions, has been named the Best Telecom Billing – Rating and Routing Solution 2018 in prestigious Telecoms Awards by TMT.

The Telecoms Awards 2018 aims to reward the most respected businesses in the ever-growing industry, vital to so many; from the small businesses and entrepreneurs to multi-national corporations all of whom rely on the innovations in the communications industry to ensure they can connect with their key stakeholders in a timely fashion regardless of whether they are in the next office, or across the globe. Each of Telecom Awards winners are chosen through a combination of votes gathered from our network of respected industry partners and the company’s rigorous in-house research.

“We are honored to win British National award and become the Best Telecom Billing – Rating and Routing Solution 2018. For more than 13 years in telecom industry we are going on to strive for excellence, for the best product quality and outstanding customer service,” comments Dmitry Ivashina, CEO at JeraSoft. “Our recently released product version – JeraSoft VCS 3.17 – was particularly aimed to improve rating features and solution usability.”

About Telecom Awards by TMT

TMT’s Telecoms Awards aims to emphasize the value these revolutionary companies and service providers bring to businesses. From the innovators in both, traditional and wireless communications, to the architects of cutting-edge networking solutions, the company’s goal is to expose and promote the best in the industry today.

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