November 21, 2017

4 Factors That Will Transform IoT

Although many have learned about the Internet of things more recently, this sphere is rapidly developing and constantly rethinking itself. Some innovations can significantly affect the future of IoT, while others will have less impact. Network World lists four factors that can transform IoT and the basis of the new look of it.


Transform IoT: Propagation Of Sensors

Few things are as important to IoT as sensors that read information about the world around them. Millions of sensors built into connected devices around the world help companies and individuals collect useful data, based on which, it is possible to develop new and improve existing products. As expected, by 2022 the sensor market will increase to an estimated value of $ 27 billion, which will ensure the development of the relevant industry for decades. The quality of these devices is improving: as technology innovates, devices connected to IoT will collect more data in less time and at lower prices, as well as more efficiently store, sort and use the information generated and distributed by them.

Market Regulation And Confidentiality

Both experts and amateurs recognize consumer confidentiality and market regulation as the main concerns and issues surrounding the IoT and its wholesale adoption by consumers. The increase in the number of corporate data leaks jeopardizes the personal information of millions of people and makes consumers nervous, and the regulators are more interested in data storage and general IoT regulation. This will have a significant impact on gadget manufacturers and software developers because, in the case of the introduction of state regulation, the business environment will become much more rigid. Companies will have to pay more attention to IT security, device protection, and data management.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is another modern technological marvel that delights in itself – but what if you combine it with IoT? Currently, the synthesis of these two technologies is experiencing early childhood, but significant progress is expected over the next decade. Digital market leaders such as Google, Microsoft and IBM are already investing heavily in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Within a few years, companies with better data analysis and machine learning capabilities can become IoT leaders. They will need to cope with the incoming data flow and the growing number of connected devices.

Improving Safety and Physical Standards

The growing level of cyber threats makes us think harder about IoT security. In the future, security will undoubtedly become a factor determining the appearance of the Internet of things. Preference will not be given to the cheapest and easiest to manage devices, but the safest and physically stable. Also those with improved battery life and storage capabilities. Technological advances in areas ranging from IT security to battery manufacturing will change current market trends and consumer preferences. Devices can work longer without recharging. And data privacy standards will become much more stringent in response to the threat of an external invasion.

In general, IoT is an extremely volatile thing. Of course, tomorrow it will look completely different than it appears to us today. It can surpass all modern expectations, adapting to new conditions and capturing new markets through innovation. And, judging by everything, these four listed areas will be critical to these changes. JeraSoft has repeatedly stated that it sees great prospects for the IoT market. The company is ready to make a significant investment in the development of products to support the technology. JeraSoft plans to become one of the main drivers of the development of this sphere of IT and communication products.

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