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The JeraSoft team is excited to announce the release of a new version of the JeraSoft Billing Platform –  VCS 3.14. The new version provides an open, standards-based approach enabling business & mobile telecoms, IoT and cloud service providers to build, deploy and manage a system with a wide variety of intelligent tools.

Developing its complex billing solution to provide the next generation of the billing technology to customers all over the world,  JeraSoft today announced, that the billing software for IoT, Telecom, and Cloud Service providers – JeraSoft VCS has been shortlisted in the “Best Voice Service Innovation – Mature Market” category at Capacity Global Carrier Awards 2017.

Starting from VCS 3.12.0, JeraSoft introduced updated guidelines for the version numbering to ensure the smooth system’s performance after each upgrade. Now, the core changes will be performed only in MAJOR releases (3.12, 3.13 etc.). MINOR versions (3.13.1, 3.13.2 etc.) don’t contain any fundamental updates and will not impact on any integration made. Therefore, сlients can be prepared for updates in advance.

JeraSoft, a leading developer and integrator of high-quality billing solutions for telecom and IoT providers, today announced the major release of the JeraSoft Telecom and IoT Billing Platform. This version brings updated features and developments, improved performance, and greater ease-of-use.

JeraSoft, the leading developer and integrator of high-quality billing solutions for telecom and IoT providers, today announced that its JeraSoft Billing Platform has been successfully integrated the TelcoBridges’ downloadable Virtual Tsbc. Now perfectly synchronized, the combination Jerasoft and TelcoBridges solution allows wholesale and retail VoIP providers to fine-tune their service offerings and capture the most lucrative market segments.

JeraSoft is pleased to announce that its Billing Platform for Telecom and IoT providers has been extensively integrated the DAS Solutions’ SMS Gateway. Now users are encouraged to take an advantage of using our connected solutions aimed at successful implementation of messaging services.

JeraSoft Celebrates the 12th Anniversary of Industry Excellence. From the very first day, we have helped dozens of сlients better understand the telco world around them. It has been truly rewarding to have had the opportunity to carry out that mission each day for the last 12 years. We are proud to serve each of our customers and are so grateful for the long-lasting relationships we have built together.

JeraSoft, the innovative developer of carrier-grade billing platforms and VoIP solutions, announced today the release of a new version of the versatile billing platform – JeraSoft VCS 3.12! The new version provides users with new features, improved performance, and even greater ease-of-use.

The JeraSoft team is delighted to announce that integration with Sippy Softswitch has been successfully completed. Development has been completed in close collaboration between Sippy Software Inc. (“Sippy”) and the JeraSoft team, providing a JeraSoft-based billing solution based on the CDRs provided by Sippy Softswitch. This allows presenting a stable, convenient, and well-tested solution for all users of Sippy and JeraSoft VCS.

The JeraSoft Team is pleased to announce technology partnership and integration with CommuniGate Pro Softswitch. This partnership is expanding JeraSoft VCS billing capabilities and provides users with a stable and professionally supported solution for their carrier platform

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