The JeraSoft team always strives to make life much easier for our customers and perfect our software to deliver the best results. We do our best to implement customers’ requirements and understand our audience. Below you may find the Policy for Custom Developments. It defines terms and concepts for all features development and customization in the JeraSoft Billing System.

Public Features

Since a feature you are ordering might be useful for other customers and will be included in next software releases there are two options for your custom implementation:

  • We put your feature request in our development backlog until it becomes prioritized. At that point, it will go into the development plan and will be implemented in the upcoming software version. In this case, your request will be implemented free of charge.
  • We add your task to the nearest available time slot and this feature will be developed and included in our upcoming software release as soon as possible. This will require an additional custom development charge.

In both cases, your custom feature will be developed and included in future software releases. If your feature is in high demand after deployment it can be updated, polished, and improved in later software releases. This brings you numerous benefits.

Private Features

If a requested custom feature can only be applied to your business, our development team would quote you the fee required for such development. We charge on an hourly basis, meaning you pay for our services at agreed hourly rates. In this case, time slots are confirmed separately and are subject to availability. Private features could be subject to an extra support fee, which is discussed individually and depends on the complexity of the feature.

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Payment and Development Terms

Once you decide to proceed and go with our fee-based development service you will get a quote and time-frame estimate for your development. Please note, the development will be scheduled right after the receipt of payment. You will be notified of the date when development would be started. No custom development can be made without active Support package.

Guarantee and Acceptance

Ordered custom development will be provided to a customer upon completion in accordance with agreed delivery schedule. Within a period of 30 calendar days from the delivery of the development, you should inspect, test and evaluate it to determine whether the implementation satisfies acceptance criteria in accordance with agreed development plan.

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