5 Reasons To Choose The JeraSoft Billing Platform - VCS Retail

  1. Wide Range of Retail Services
    • Powerful Subscription plans
    • DIDs Managment
    • Discounts and Taxes Management
    • Top Up Cards and Easy Refill
    • OTT, MVNO and Enterprise Businesses
    • Calling Cards and PINless Calls
  2. Easy Customers Management
    • Prepaid and Postpaid Customers
    • Flexible Billing Cycles and Invoicing
    • Balance Reports and Accounting
    • Multi-Level Taxes Management
    • Wide Range of Identification Means
  3. Full-featured Rates Lists
    • Unlimited Number of Table and Rates
    • Extended Billing Schemas
    • Rates Scheduling (Effective/End Dates)
    • Smart Import, Export and Analysis
    • Number Portability (LNP/MNP) Support
    • USA Domestic Inter- and Intra-state Rating
    • EU Calls Regulation Billing
  4. Customized Statistics
    • Flexible Data Filtering and Analysis
    • Profitability Report: Multi-level Analysis
    • Detailed CDR Report: Per-Call Information
    • Accounting Balance Reports
    • Informative Graphic Charts in Reports
  5. Variety of Integrations
    • Simple integration within your infrastructure
    • Flexible API and Provisioning support
    • Payment Gateway integrations and processing
    • Custom web portal integration
    • Multiple gateways / switches support


Run Your Business Stable With VCS Retail

In order to avoid loss of business, JeraSoft’s telecom billing software for retail providers offers a cluster billing technology which keeps data flowing even if one of the servers fails. The cluster consists of a Master server plus one or several redundant billing servers. These are backup servers that can take over instantly if the Master server fails. Under normal conditions, the master and the redundant server can be used for load balancing. If the Master server fails, the redundant server becomes New Master and takes over all duties.

The Fastest Support in the Industry

JeraSoft Techies are available 24/7 for phone, chat or ticketing support. From simple questions to complicated issues — we always help our customers.
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Why JeraSoft?

  • Carrier-grade Time Tested Solution Since 2005
  • Best 24/7 Tech Support in Telecom Industry
  • Engineering Company That Understands Your Needs
  • Billing Platform Built for Your VoIP Retail Business
  • New Feature-rich Releases Throughout the Year
  • Custom Development for Your Specific Needs


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