VCS 3.11.2 – New Version

The new version 3.11.2 is released and JeraSoft Team invites you to join our 40-minute webinar. Our Application Engineer will take you through the key updates of the VCS 3.11.2.

A-number Billing for EU

JeraSoft Experts invites you to participate in our upcoming webinar about changes and enhancements in the new JeraSoft VCS 3.10.4. Starting from this version, the user can set particular Rate group for the traffic matching the rule of number translation. In particular, it can be applied for the EU local and international calls.

VCS 3.10.2 – New Features

JeraSoft Team is delighted to announce that we have launched a series of webinars. Have you checked out the “JeraSoft VCS 3.10.2” webinar? This webinar is a guided tour to the latest version. Our Application Engineer takes you through key updates of this version and gives you helpful advice on how to use them.

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