April 18, 2018

New Release – JeraSoft VCS 3.16

JeraSoft, a leading developer of high-quality billing solutions, announced today the release of a new version of its multifunctional billing software, Jerasoft VCS 3.16. This version includes a wide range of functional improvements and provides users with many new and refined features. Major VCS 3.16 updates are focused on flexibility of traffic manipulation and expansion of reporting.

VCS 3.16 key features are:

  • Upgraded Traffic Processing section has been reworked and now gives even more flexibility in managing traffic processing and offers users even greater freedom for personal customization of their billing
  • New Data Sources section allows users to easily create and configure xDRs/CDRs sources in one single place
  • Invoices Templates section has become more flexible due to the introduction of a new Taxes Table with variables, aimed at displaying collected taxes in PDF or Excel invoices
  • Number Portability section has been expanded with simplified gateways management and import history
  • Balance Report has now improved visualization for base/foreign currencies

Andrii Zinchenko, Chief Technical Officer at JeraSoft, says, “With this new version, we keep granting higher flexibility of our billing system. Therefore, with each new version, we give customers more and more opportunities to adopt system functionality to the sophisticated needs of each department, working with the billing platform. We continue focusing on making the system even more personalized, as well as user-friendly.”

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More details on new functionality can be found on our documentation portal in this article. All existing JeraSoft customers are encouraged to upgrade their current version to the latest version. Clients with active Support Subscription get this upgrade FREE of charge.

About JeraSoft

Gathering the most outstanding technology facilities and practices, JeraSoft billing software helps IoT provides, CSPs, as well as mobile and business telecommunication operators (including MVNO, OTT, enterprise VoIP, and SMS providers) to structure and automate their billing, rating, routing, and provisioning processes. The billing platform is empowered with flexible billing units management, real-time statistics, user-friendly reporting, high-performance API, provisioning and other add-ons that give a provider an opportunity to easily deploy, integrate, and finally get the most benefits from a single solution.

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