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JeraSoft is a passionate team of engineers focused on development and integration of highly productive billing and routing solutions forĀ Mobile & Business Telecoms (Retail and Wholesale VoIP, MVNO/MNO, OTT and SMS Providers) and IoT/M2M Providers.

JeraSoft makes use of the high-end technologies to offer a modern user experience at an affordable price for customers. Since 2005 the team of professionals has been putting together key insight and successful billing management practices, combining them with state-of-the-art web and telecom technologies. The result is a powerful billing platform the Telecom and IoT Providers in 35 countries already use to streamline billing processes and add value to their business.

JeraSoft is, first and foremost, dedicated to its family of customers worldwide. We continue to develop innovative billing solutions and support clients’ platforms and to help businesses succeed in Telecommunications and IoT fields. We always listen to clients’ ideas to make this relationship last for years to come.


Our focus is on strong and long-lasting business relationships with our Customers. We ensure that our clients are continuously satisfied with Jerasoft billing and routing solutions. As such, we take care of you 24/7, helping in achieving your billing goals. As an engineering company, we heavily emphasize technical support and integration work helping our family of clients with their custom implementations.

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