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The integration of JeraSoft AFC with Avalara AvaTax is a revolutionary achievement. Thanks to it, telecom companies can easily automate the calculation of sales and use taxes, save time and money, as well as comply with tax rules and regulations. What does it mean? Business scaling, cost reduction, optimization of daily processes. Want to know more? Discover Avalara

the block IOTA

IOTA is a revolutionary cryptocurrency and platform, created specifically for the concept of the Internet of Things. It does not resemble any other project or coin, which makes it unique and very promising. IOTA is able to become that transactional fuel that will ensure the implementation of smart enterprises with the participation of machines integrated into one network. Read the full article at THE BLOCK Magazine.

IoT Now - M2M and Industrial IoT (IIoT)

By themselves, smart devices do not guarantee profits, but only create an opportunity for these. That is why a huge role in the creation and use of decisions in the application and use of the Internet of Things belongs to its ecosystem. Read the article “The IoT ecosystem: from devices to real benefit” written by Suren Arustamyan exclusively for IoT Now.

Telecoms tech news

In conditions when new digital services become more advanced, all companies are involved in the process of digital transformation. Under these new conditions, the process of integration and consolidation is occurring in the industry; operators are entering the digital market segment, small market players are acquired by large players, and thus new holdings are created that diversify their activities. Read how the telecom sector is developing in times of digital transformation at TelecomTechNews.

Telecoms tech news

Today, telecommunications companies are forced to reckon with the changes that have taken place in the market: the emergence of new competitors; competition with wireless networks; VoIP; cable companies; IPTV; the influence of the Internet and OTT, and so forth. So what are the five most important spheres for telecoms companies? The gaps which should be filled by their partnership with the creators of technologies and solutions? Prepared by Suren Arustamyan, COO at JeraSoft for Telecoms Tech News.

IoT News

Today, the world is on the verge of mass introduction of the IoT into everyday life and business. It is expected that its serious development is inextricably linked to the new standard of mobile communication, 5G, which is in the final stages of development and testing. With its help, a great number of smart devices connected to the network can be managed. However, today there are devices, the technical characteristics of which allow even administrating the operation of IoT-devices even within the capabilities of existing networks. Prepared by Suren Arustamyan, COO at JeraSoft for IoT News.

November 6, 2017

If the technical side of launching a new network is more or less clear, then the problem of restructuring thinking for mass development of IoT will have to be solved. Undoubtedly, the introduction of 5G will lead to the breaking of existing standards in everyday life and business. And for many businesses, if they are to survive in this new environment, they will have to adapt, one way or another, though most ordinary users are not yet ready for such changes. First of all, it means understanding the possibilities around the availability of information and the capabilities of IoT systems and their correct use. Read more about social component of IoT at Medium.

transparency market research - IoT Billing Solutions - JeraSoft

Transparency Market Research offers a complex overview of the IoT Billing and invoicing market. The billing system is a strategic asset for a company since it deals with money. Moreover, it is one of the complicated IT back-end systems. IoT billing & invoicing solutions enables users to collect data and bill any kind of event or activity within their business model. IoT billing & invoicing solution has the ability to bill, rate, invoice, and collect data in real time with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. Transparency Market Research has named JeraSoft the key player in the IoT billing & invoicing solutions market. Read the press release about the IoT Billing Solutions Market Research at FindMarketResearch, LANEWS and TMR’s official website.

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