If network transformation is a way of the future, then the digital transformation in the telecom market has to be constantly dynamic to adapt to any change. The key is to shape the perspective of telecommunication companies in terms of how they see network transformation; it can be a challenge or an opportunity.


Telecom operators and organizations around the world have developed numerous billings solutions and techniques over the years to facilitate customers as well as for the progression of the telecommunication industry. Furthermore, it’s an ongoing industry that keeps inventing new mechanics for its improvement.

5G is one of the newest technological trends in the world and has managed to garner the attention of everyone, especially tech fans. As Samsung has already released the new S10 with 5G, there are now a lot more questions than answers about 5G.

Telecommunication technology has changed quite rapidly in the recent past. Figuring out how to maximize return on investment in this field is a challenge that communication networks face.

Urban areas transform from static to dynamic spaces. They become smart and can constantly monitor the process and update themselves. A number of countries are beginning to work on the creation of “smart cities”, where state and non-governmental organization structures collaborate for developing these technologies. For example, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia IoT’s investments are expected to increase by 19.3% in 2019.

November 22, 2018

The term mobile phones and cell phones are considered interchangeable terms. The main reason for using multiple terminologies is that mobile phones operate through a cellular network. The geographical area of a mobile network is segregated into multiple hexagonal cells overlapping each other around the edges.

Serious Fraud in the Telecom Sector Costs the Industry $17bn in Revenue a Year.

According to the report by the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum, most telecommunication companies do not contend with fraud traffic. This situation can lead to greater financial losses with the spread of Internet of Things, when billions of IoT devices could be hijacked or reconfigured. Put this in perspective, fraud costs nearly $30 billion globally last year according to the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA).

Considering the rate of technological development, it’s no surprise how fast some industries have revolutionized within a couple of decades. Since the early 21st century, the telecom industry has been riding on high tides of tech revolutions. Generally, telecommunication is mostly associated with technologies including telephone, emails, fax machine, and radio; the ways of communication. Each innovation in the domain brings another wave of real-time connectivity leading towards globalization.

The telecommunications industry has seen exponential growth within the last couple of years across all regions and this has given rise to the demand for efficient billing systems.

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