Serious Fraud in the Telecom Sector Costs the Industry $17bn in Revenue a Year.

According to the report by the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum, most telecommunication companies do not contend with fraud traffic. This situation can lead to greater financial losses with the spread of Internet of Things, when billions of IoT devices could be hijacked or reconfigured. Put this in perspective, fraud costs nearly $30 billion globally last year according to the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA).

Considering the rate of technological development, it’s no surprise how fast some industries have revolutionized within a couple of decades. Since the early 21st century, the telecom industry has been riding on high tides of tech revolutions. Generally, telecommunication is mostly associated with technologies including telephone, emails, fax machine, and radio; the ways of communication. Each innovation in the domain brings another wave of real-time connectivity leading towards globalization.

The telecommunications industry has seen exponential growth within the last couple of years across all regions and this has given rise to the demand for efficient billing systems.

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The first steps in the implementation phase of any IoT project are in-depth study and understanding of the problem to be solved. Companies responsible for the operation of real estate objects believe that Internet of Things technologies will allow them to achieve a higher quality of building services. There are three main areas in which IoT can be used to solve existing root problems in smart building markets.

How to get the maximum benefit from your unique position? How not to fade into the background, becoming a “pipe” and turning into a secondary intermediary? In the era of digital transformation, communication operators are faced with this important issue. Many companies from different industries are exploring the possibility of using innovative technologies. Some of them are clouds, mobile applications, and analysis of large data for the introduction of new ways and mechanisms of interaction with end-users.

According to forecasts, the Internet market of Things (IoT), including various gadgets, connected with each other and the cloud, will grow rapidly in the next few years. The IDC research firm expects global costs for IoT equipment, software, and services to grow from about USD 800 billion this year to nearly USD 1.4 trillion by 2021. However, following IoT trends 2018 and application developments can be overwhelming, as the market encompasses several industries. Let’s consider basic IoT trends 2018 which investors should pay attention to in 2018.

In 1999, the British OFTEL regulator (The Office of Telecommunications) first proposed the use of the term MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Since then, companies around the world, from banks to logistics corporations, have created their own virtual communication operators. .According to a WiseGuyReports report, by the end of 2020, 110.7 million people will use the services of mobile virtual operators (MVNO) in Europe.

How can mobile operators gain the trust of subscribers when planning the launch of next-generation networks? To answer the above question, Ericsson’s analysts conducted a large-scale research project in which they studied in detail the six key needs of mobile Internet users.

Have you ever dreamed of receiving more value while doing less work? Definitely, everyone has. In tech sphere, for instance, it’s possible due to API. However, the fact is that for many people it’s something they’ve probably heard of, but never got in details what exactly it is or how it functions. Some people even confess that at first API sounded more like a name of an airline than a technical term.

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