OSS / BSS systems (Operations Support Systems / Business Support Systems) are designed for integrated management of enterprise telecommunications resources. Initially, such solutions were entirely aimed at operational support of telecommunications networks.

The widespread use of automation, big data, the Internet of things and cloud services has onset the peak of the fourth industrial revolution. JeraSoft shares with you a list of tech trends in 2017.

The analog period in agriculture is over; the industry has entered the digital age. Investment bank Goldman Sachs predicts that the application of next-generation technologies can increase the productivity of world agriculture by 70% by 2050. Agriculture is on the threshold of the “Second Green Revolution.”

The house should not only be smart, but also unassailable. And soon we will be able to use the most sophisticated technologies from famous movies not to save the world but to control our house and household devices. There are more and more technologies that can make any house not only more intelligent but also cozier and safer. Let’s talk about them a bit more!

Universal and guaranteed protection against cyber attacks do not yet exist. At the same time, there are effective tools for cyber security for both small and large businesses. Compliance with several important rules will help to significantly reduce the risk of external compromise. We at JeraSoft gathered opinions on what to do to protect your computers and customers’ data.

Over the past six months, many companies around the world have announced the launch of their MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) services. Why do telecom brands want to develop MVNO and what are the benefits? Read the article to find out more.

Mobile operators around the world are losing billions of dollars annually due to the spread of instant messaging. In 2014, according to the calculations by Juniper Networks, telecom companies lost more than $14 billion due to instant messaging and VoIP-services, which users use to replace traditional calls and SMS-messages. By 2018, the size of their losses could reach $386 billion. So why do providers need their own messaging platforms?

When you are running a telecom or IoT business, you constantly need to stay at the top of the game regardless of any challenges. Telecom companies and providers struggle to expand their business and services. Therefore, process automation and system integration with third party applications (softswitches, CRM, accounting system, etc.) are an inevitable part of a good strategy.

The 1989 film, Back to the Future Part II, quite accurately predicted the emergence of some of the technologies that we use today. For example, in one of the scenes in the film, we see how aged Marty McFly takes a video call from his boss. Twenty-eight years ago, when this motion picture was released, video conferencing technology was only a distant prospect.

The largest telecommunications company in Canada, Bell Canada, reported a data leak of the personal information of 1.9 million customers. Currently, the company is working with Canadian law enforcement agencies to identify those responsible for the leak of email addresses and phone numbers.

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