JeraSoft’s highly effective Training Program is part of your purchase. Our experienced Application Engineers will offer an interactive custom training to our new clients and partners. Along with initial base knowledge, the program will help you learn how to use JeraSoft’s System and additional modules faster and more effectively.

Our training program is designed to provide a quick overview of the platform’s concepts and solutions. We generally find that our most successful customers like us to concentrate our training effort on their particular choice of business activity. So, we customize training specifically to each customer’s needs and present the material most useful for each particular scenario.

What Does Training Include?

  • Overview of the billing system
    (90 minutes)
  • Initial system setup required for using a billing system
    (30 minutes)
  • Best practices for a customer’s chosen type of business
    (2 hours)
  • System maintenance, main procedures
    (40 minutes)
  • Questions & answers session
    (1 hour)
  • Help with future communications with Support department
    (20 minutes)

Before any training, you are invited to discuss with our engineers what you feel would most benefit you during this very important process. Training will also address the best ways to communicate with our Support department for faster resolution of any future questions while using your billing solution.

Moreover, you can ask for a follow-up session as a part of our training program. It can be useful after initially using the platform for several weeks.

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The Fastest Support in the Industry

JeraSoft Techies are available 24/7 for phone, chat or ticketing support. From simple questions to complicated issues — we always help our customers.
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On-site Training

JeraSoft also offers optional on-site programs. These educational and training programs are designed for your specific needs. They could be designed to deepen your understanding of any part of the system or be a complex and comprehensive training. These Trainings are most effective if you have a large team involved in the process or you want to run very custom business scenario, etc.

These training sessions take place at customer’s location and require additional payment. Full optional training course usually takes 3 business days. If you would like to register for a training course, please Contact an Expert!

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