November 22, 2017

Five Trends In Mobile Technology

Surprisingly, according to recent data, mobile technology is gaining popularity in developing countries faster than in for those more developed. And although today people across the globe are enthusiastic about their gadgets, Deloitte’s study showed that the needs and interests of people in different places are very varied. With our help, you will find out which applications have won the most popular globally and who checks their mobile phones more than 100 times a day. Nobody is able to resist the charm of smartphones.

Five main trends that determine the further development of mobile technology

Mobile devices are used by more and more people. To find out their preferences, Deloitte has recently interviewed almost 50,000 respondents of all ages, from 31 countries.

Five Main Trends In Mobile Technology

  1. The variety of shapes and sizes of devices. Almost 80% of consumers worldwide have smartphones, about 10% use portable gadgets (wearables), more than 50% have tablets and 7% have all three types of devices.
  2. Literal “obsession” with mobile phones. 93% of consumers in developing countries and 78% in developed countries use a mobile phone within an hour from when they wake up each day.
  3. The popularity of SMS and instant messaging services. The majority of users surveyed check for incoming SMS and messenger messages first thing after they wake up.
  4. The growth of penetration of mobile payments. 47% of consumers in developing countries use mobile phones to pay for purchases in stores. For developing countries, this figure does not exceed 20%.
  5. Regional features of the development of communication channels: Mobile network against Wi-Fi. In developed countries, the speed of 4G is much higher than the speed of Wi-Fi. Users in China indicate that in transport and shopping centers the speed of 4G is higher, while in Mexico they say the opposite.

One of the main conclusions of our study despite the much greater spread of mobile communication in developed countries. In developing countries, people use their gadgets much more intensively. Mobile devices have firmly entered our lives. The only question is how will mobile communications and smartphone applications develop in the future.

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