January 20, 2017

Hosted or Own Billing Solution?

As a VoIP Billing Solution Developer, we often face with clients doubts on what way is the best: to rent or own their own billing platform. Of course, in most cases, we recommend to get ownership of required license but sometimes we let off our leads giving up to a hosted billing providers. We know pros and cons of choosing both – a hosted billing solution and own one so you may found them here.


Hosted Solution (HS): Customers database is open for the second person, for instance hosting company. Accordingly, it doesn’t save a customer from an unauthorised access to value data or information leak.

Ownership (O): Information security fully depends on internal processes of the company. The customer controls accesses and rights of purchased billing software.


HS: A subscription plan on hosted billing services is rather cheaper than an own solution and it can be interrupted at any time.

O: the price of self-hosted VoIP billing software fluctuates from thousand dollars and this is the only cost of software.


HS: Starting the business with hosted services a customer doesn’t invest a lot.

O: If a business fails an owner suffers big losses but otherwise it a great stimulus to keep afloat.


HS: Closed range of option. More often it’s impossible to configure services for an own business model.

O: Rather often software development companies offer flexible customised systems.


HS: All responsibilities lie on one side – hosting services provider, which prevent a client from a daily headache regarding technical support and maintenance.

O: A great challenge of starting VoIP business is collecting reliable technical team. It takes great efforts but at the same time it gives a control over the many processes.

Of course, we don’t cover all aspects of doing VoIP business in this article and at the first sight, it seems that a hosted billing solution has much more benefits. Still, uncontrolled processes instil insecurity in future, therefore, the bigger company is the more attention should be paid to such controversies such as independence from external influences as well as security empowering.

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