October 21, 2016

Is Wholesale VoIP alive?

Over the last two decades, the trade has soared in the telecom business. VoIP carrier providers attempt to come to terms with high customers’ demands. Most of them are digitally driven and experiencing technical development. And we are questioning: Is Wholesale VoIP alive?

The adoption of SIP trunks and cloud services has accelerated the process. Thus, both retail and wholesale markets are going through important changes. A few years ago, wholesale providers as a part of VoIP market were one of the most attractive start-ups. However, the time goes by and technological innovations offer more opportunities for retail business. Therefore, the VoIP wholesale business model remains important, but many providers shift their focus on the retail market. In fact, wholesale market is stable to slightly declining and losing attractiveness for investment.

At the last 3 years, wholesale telecoms have performed aggregation. It brings the reducing of margin and quantity of transit operators in the chain.

Among other reasons for this market downturn, specialists refer to the expensive equipment, needs to handle larger traffic volumes and hire several roaming and interconnect managers. The pressure on wholesale prices and margins are growing through competition, regulation, and consolidation in the market.

Nevertheless, Wholesale VoIP will not disappear completely. This market will be alive. Mainly, it’s due to the telecom wholesale aggregators’ demand. One supplier to handle any issues for all voice services is always easier to deal with.

JeraSoft is well prepared to help Wholesale VoIP and SMS providers in achieving their business goals by providing intelligent billing solution for any size of the company.

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