March 19, 2024

JeraSoft Billing 3.26 with Improved Logic and Functionality

March 19, 2024 – JeraSoft – presents a major release of JeraSoft Billing 3.26 featuring logical and procedural improvements along with the usual performance boost.

In our latest update (v3.26), we’ve extended the Clients section with a highly informative “Overview” screen, focusing on enhancing key features. Also we simplified the current flow of Manager/User roles for better usability and efficiency. These changes represent major updates forward in streamlining the user experience.

  • Clients Overview: Following multiple requests, we have added an “Overview” tab to the Client’s section. It provides visibility of all customers’ details, rates, consumption and other important information from within a single place. Now you can not only view but manage numerous client-related tasks from within a single screen, which will significantly speed up your work.
  • Rate Tables by Services and Tags: We have made it considerably simpler to navigate rates management for tag-based billing, including A-number and jurisdictional billing, as well as multi-service scenarios encompassing calls, messages, data, and more. With this enhancement, users gain the ability to define and manage separate rate tables for each service and tag, addressing the diverse needs of modern billing environments.
  • Legal Entities: Introducement of the Legal Entities feature is designed to facilitate the operation of multi-brand businesses or sub-companies. This new functionality enables seamless management of diverse entities, allowing businesses to efficiently handle operations under different legal umbrellas while utilizing the same infrastructure and team resources.
  • Managers restructuring: Managers control Previously, managing customer visibility and departmental separation required each Manager entity to have a corresponding User entity, leading to unnecessary complexity. We’ve eliminated these intermediary steps by fully integrating Managers into the Users entities. Now, you can directly assign Clients and Rate Tables to Users, simplifying administrative tasks and enhancing system efficiency. For a detailed breakdown of these logical changes, refer to the Release Notes.

Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that JeraSoft software now supports installation on Debian 12 (Bookworm) starting from version 3.26.

The comprehensive details regarding the latest updates have been meticulously outlined in the Release Notes. These notes serve as an invaluable resource for understanding the full scope of changes, including new features, improvements to existing functionalities, and any necessary adjustments for optimal system use. We strongly encourage all users to thoroughly review the Release Notes to fully acquaint themselves with the modifications and to ensure a smooth transition to the updated version.
If you have any questions please contact JeraSoft support.

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