December 5, 2017

How To Choose A Billing System: Functionality

In the previous series article, we have shared the aspects you should remember while choosing a billing system in terms of its deployment (read How To Choose A Billing System: Billing Deployment). But it is not the latest thing you should keep in mind. In this blog, we discuss the billing system’s functionality. What capabilities should you take into account in the very beginning not to lose in the end?

how to choose a billing system - functionality

Functionality Must-Haves

In the last few years, the competition in the communications market has worsened dramatically. A period when there was a large number of unreached users and settlements is in the past. Now you can get new customers only by winning them from other providers. So, you need a billing system to support various marketing tools and promotions that will help attract clients.

Users can now choose from several communication operators. Therefore, a level of service and its flexibility is important in a customer’s purchase decision. This also affects what functionality billing should have. For example, the system should allow users to pay for services in various ways. It is possible to implement through terminals, cards, electronic money, receipts (mostly for older customers).

Important to remember that in the case of complex technological systems, there are no trifles, and convenience has its price.  If the setting is “just a few clicks”, then support for specific hardware will inevitably be “sewn up”. This means that the buyer of the system is deprived of the possibility of flexible work with hardware. Any changes would require a hardware update. Then it will be necessary to wait until the billing developers implement the new device and new firmware support.

Why Flexibility?

The moment of migration to new equipment also is very important. It is better to choose a billing that can work with specific “glands” and support all general protocols of interaction. This gives flexibility in setting up and maintaining the system. Also, it guarantees the operation of non-standard circuits and correct interaction with new equipment.

If the developer supports the protocol, then you can proceed an analysis of the required technologies. From a technical point of view, billing support for softswitches and other equipment is critical to connection speeds and management of services. And in the case of internet access services, it is possible to automate the access scheme using Internet Protocol of Ethernet (IPoE). Also, it is extremely important to have an open API with detailed documentation, as it is in JeraSoft VCS.

Another technical aspect is the organization of work with printed forms. It should be clarified how the billing system implements the possibility of forming contracts, accounts, acts, receipts, customer profiles and other documents. It is important that the operator can add these customized reports on their own and easily make adjustments to them when needed. In addition, it will be difficult to provide convenience to customers without a full-fledged personal cabinet. With its help, subscribers can connect new services and change the tariff plan on request.

SMS, Data, Voice etc.

It is also critical for the development of the telecommunications operator’s business to provide discounts and organize loyalty programs to generate new customers. Also, a provider needs to pay attention to what the market is diversified. It would be less expensive and much more productive for a provider to find a billing platform which may cover a variety of services and billing units, such as voice, SMS, data etc.  That makes sense when a provides launches a new business, for example, enters the IoT market.

It is possible when there are no limits in billing system’s functionality and it provides extra options and provides a variety of tools. The functionality is vastly extensive, therefore take your time to choose a billing solution to cover your current and possibly prospect needs. Read the blog 9 Tips How To Choose A Billing System to discover core aspects of the billing system successful choice.

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