September 29, 2017

How To Choose A Billing System: Deployment

The introduction of a billing system is a complex process, trying to avoid any errors which may lead to future failures in customer service and financial losses. Therefore, it is desirable that the developers offer users assistance in billing deployment process. Sometimes operators consider it more profitable to independently implement the billing since such work allows the company’s engineers to better understand the system with which they will later work for many years.

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Billing System Deployment Process

However, there are significant drawbacks here – first of all, self-introduction always takes more time. In case of such complex systems as billing, it is about months of work. As a result, the total costs only for the salaries of employees during this time are very significant. In addition, it is necessary to understand that the introduction of a complex billing system is a sufficiently large-scale project. For the implementation of it, the company-customer most likely will not have enough skilled staff available.

As a result, there is a great risk that the project will be postponed and/or delayed without the satisfactory end, and the company will suffer damages in both financial and reputational terms. At the same time, even with adequate resources for implementation, this does not guarantee success. It is likely that the operator’s employees will be engaged in the introduction of billing for the first time in their life. The output will be a one-time project to deploy the product, with which the company’s specialists are simply unfamiliar.

Even if the billing deployment process is well documented, there is a possibility of incorrect interpretation or incomplete examination of the documentation. Compare the scenario of self-implementation with studying a foreign language with a tutor or independently from a textbook – you can learn by yourself, but it will take much longer and will not avoid mistakes in the future.

In such conditions, self-implementation will be more expensive than using the help of system developers. That is because they have already carried out such projects and know everything about the product. Also, it is important to understand that there are no restrictions on the configuration of integration with the “hardware”. It should allow for immediate adjustment of the structure of tariffs, contracts, orders for prices and discounts.

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The quality and completeness of such parameters and settings determine the speed of connection of subscribers. Also, it should accommodate the growth in the size of the subscriber department for the operator in the future.

Therefore, when choosing a billing solution, it is necessary to clarify with the developers the billing deployment process details:

  • if they are able to help with the configuration of the described moments?
  • will there be help with the migration of data from the old billing system?
  • whether there will be training on working with the functions of the new system?
  • will there be a general check of the correctness of the operation before launching live?

In the event that the developer of the billing helps with its implementation, then the buyer needs to find out how the team builds the process. Most of all, whether there is a project system, how the engineers of the customer company and developers communicate.

Most of all, the technical support is very useful, especially if it is 24/7. For example, the JeraSoft’t technical support answers the questions and improves the processes flow every day and night.  Therefore, try to gather information from other customers about the quality and speed of replies. This is very important, especially when critical moments occur.

It’s not easy to choose a long-term service provider to become the right hand of the business. Therefore, you should prepare yourself to find the very reliable one in advance. Read the blog articles to assist you in this process – Tips: How To Choose A Billing System.

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