September 5, 2017

OSS / BSS: Need To Know

OSS / BSS systems (Operations Support Systems / Business Support Systems) are designed for integrated management of enterprise telecommunications resources. Initially, such solutions were entirely aimed at operational support of telecommunications networks. Now, such business tasks are being solved within one module of the modern OSS / BSS system.

Other modules also have become quite widespread in energy, financial, and transport companies. With the development of the communications industry, the services they provide act as a decisive factor in the competition between operators.

That’s why efficiency and quality of services are acquiring a new meaning. As a result, the functionality of the telecommunications network support systems has significantly expanded, and a new class of IT solutions has emerged – the OSS / BSS systems. Recently, OSS / BSS solutions have become widespread in other industries, but a dominant number of implementations of these systems are in the telecom company.

Given the role of telecommunications networks in the business of a modern operator, it becomes clear that their effective operation is the most important task.


OSS service providers offer the telecommunication companies a full range of services for the implementation and maintenance of OSS solutions with a varied focus on the platforms of Oracle, TTI, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Amdocs, Cisco, UniPer, and others.

  • Network resource accounting (NRI)
  • Order management systems
  • Accident/productivity monitoring systems
  • Systems of management of network problems (trouble ticketing)
  • Systems end to end monitoring of client services


The development of the telecommunications marketplaces higher demands on the quality of service delivery, the speed at which new services are introduced to the market and their cost. Today, the requirements for OSS / BSS systems and customer services are higher than ever. The success of the communication operator largely depends on the functionality, reliability, and flexibility of these systems. At the same time, an increase in the range of services and their convergence place particularly high demands on the stack of BSS applications, including functions as:

  • Billing
  • Subscriber service and customer relationship management
  • Self-service systems
  • Managing orders
  • The product catalog

Billing Systems

The development of the telecommunications market creates new software demands for telecom operators. The increase in the number of subscribers, the growing branch network, new tariff plans and types of services are the core factors which are pushing the replacement of the simple billing system to a more powerful analog.

The functionality and integration capabilities of the billing system directly determine the quality of customer service, the company’s abilities to expand the range of services provided and effect on profits in general.

In addition, based on the analysis of the behavior of subscribers obtained with the help of a billing system, it is easier for the operator to make operational and management decisions. The experience accumulated by JeraSoft shows that the billing system must meet the following criteria:

  • Flexibility of the system for working on various types of equipment for the required number of settings
  • Convenience of installation and further operation of the billing system for completeness and quality of technical and operational documentation
  • The quality of integration interfaces and structured data for subsequent analysis

JeraSoft helps customers to make the right decision while choosing billing system’s core features, corresponding to the current needs of the company whether it is wholesale or retail businesses, mobile VoIP or MVNO etc. The JeraSoft’s billing Platform can be deployed to any type of BSS/OSS system as an independent full-featured platform with billing, rating, and routing tools. Together with this, we ensure the implementation of the integration and provide its support.

Today, telecommunications operators are at a new stage of development. On one hand, the scale and complexity of telecommunications networks are increasing while their equipment is based on the use of disparate technology platforms from various manufacturers. On the other hand, consumers are placing ever higher demands on accessibility, quantity, and quality of communication services. At the same time, communication networks have reached a threshold of complexity in which precise, constant monitoring of the status and changes of all network elements, their interrelations, and functional characteristics requires specialized software systems of the industrial level. A modern operator should take this vital trends into consideration.

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