October 6, 2022

VoIP Billing for Small Business with 2 Options to Choose From

voip billing for small business

Choosing VoIP billing for a small business is a complicated task nowadays. There are a variety of expenses that come with owning and operating a business. These expenses can be separated into different categories. Two of the most common types of expenses are Operating expenses and Capital expenses.

Capital expenditures (CapEx) are major purchases a company makes that are designed to be used over the long term. Operating expenses (OpEx) are the day-to-day expenses a company incurs to keep its business operational.

What’s the right one for you? Some say that Opex services are best suited to modern business needs. They are fast and flexible with lower costs. Of course, small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, are benefiting, as technology is now available to them that was previously denied to them due to the high initial investment.

It sounds right if we are talking about growing business and popular IT niches. But what about Telecom software and “big volumes”?

The JeraSoft specialists summed up the most important factors you should consider when choosing an option for VoIP billing for a small business.

CapEx is seen as a business improvement investment that will return value in the future. This is usually a good sign for potential investors.More upfront spending means less cash for day-to-day operations or new investments — not affordable for startups.Ideal for startups! No big upfront costs, so businesses have more cash on a daily basis. You can invest in new services or products as needed.It can be difficult for a business to show future value to a potential investor because they pay as they spend resources.
Investments usually mean purchasing software with all its features and functions.In a rapidly changing world of technology, such investment can become redundant or obsolete before its useful life ends.The provider invests in technology development, but as a client you only choose the service. A business can quickly turn around and adapt to new trends.Sometimes only a limited list of functions with the OpEx addition is available.
No hidden payments. The only possible ongoing cost is an optional support subscription.Complicated system of technical implementation.

So which is better for you? JeraSoft offers both. Сustomers interests come first! We are always ready to help you choose the variety of expenses that your business needs.

We view the OpEx model, just as CapEx, as a partnership so we treat all our customers as long-term partners.

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