July 1, 2017

What Is a Smart Home?

Every time we watch TV or watch a news feed on the Internet, we see a lot of information about the Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes and connected homes, as well as home automation and control systems. But what do these concepts mean? We are a company that develops intelligent billing systems for smart homes, and we will try to explain these terms to you.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of Internet technologies. Smartphones, computers, networked TVs, various smart devices, your machine, portable gadgets—all these devices are integrated into our lives, and, thanks to the Internet of Things, will be able to interact with each other even more easily.

What Is a Smart Home?

The connected house has wired and wireless infrastructure, providing easy communication for devices among themselves, the Internet, or the cloud. By connecting to a local area network (LAN) in your home, the devices can exchange media files, information, and even databases that have access to the network— creating a connected home.

A smart home is a system of high-tech devices in a modern residential building. It is aimed at improving security and the conservation of resources, providing comfort and freeing humanity from everyday routine work. The smart home is an improved version of a connected home. Thanks to home automation technology, the operation of all these devices connected to the home network can be programmed so that all the actions you require are performed automatically. Safety, heating and cooling, lighting, audio/video, and entertainment systems—everything will work as a unit and be controlled by a phone, tablet, or computer.

How Does It Work?

A home automation system has the ability to control a smart house. Here’s a simple example: when you press the “Goodnight” button, the lights automatically turn off, the security system turns on, the blinds close, and the air temperature becomes optimal for comfortable sleep. Without home automation, your system would be less integrated. With one application you would turn off the lights, another, turn on the alarm system, etc. With home automation, a series of events or functions are performed automatically on the basis of a pre-determined condition—the time of the day, someone’s presence in the room, temperature, the day of the week, etc. This system is absolutely personalized and adapts to your life patterns, your devices, as well as your needs. Therefore, it is called “the next level of smart home technology.”

JeraSoft supports IoT providers with intelligent billing, rating, and mediation support. The IoT/M2M Billing System monetizes all types of IoT business models to transform billing processes for remarkable results. Due to the JeraSoft’s rating and billing solution, Smart Home providers can handle and automate all parts of the billing process.

There are more and more technologies that can make any house not only more intelligent but also cozier and safer. Read about them in our next article.

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