May 25, 2018

JeraSoft VCS shortlisted for prestigious IoT Award at the 2018 Connected Britain Awards

May 25, 2018 – JeraSoft Limited, multifunctional billing solution, data and IoT/M2M service provider has been shortlisted for prestigious IoT Award at the 2018 Connected Britain Awards.


Connected Britain is the premier meeting place for all the main stakeholders to come together and discuss, learn and collaborate on the UK’s digital future. The conference, which will be held in London on 19-20 June, is a communication platform for telcos, national and local government and investors.

The associated Connected Britain Awards has shortlisted Jerasoft in IoT Award category, alongside with national and global brands and operators. The IoT shortlisting recognises JeraSoft’s success in the Internet of Things sphere due to the product JeraSoft VCS which enables M2M communication, logs and events tracking and billing.

According to JeraSoft Chief Executive Officer Dmitry Ivashyna: “We are thankful to be shortlisted and nominated in IoT Award category. For almost thirteen years of company history we are aimed to growth and development, we stand for the progressive and innovative approaches in every sphere. For now IoT is one of the trends, which pushes digital world to move forward and deeply integrate in everyday life. Our product provides billing, rating, mediation and provisioning services for any type of Internet of Things business model and as a result impacts to the digital transformation.”

The IoT Award shortlisted participants:

• Collision Management Systems: Real Time Crash Detection
• F-Secure: SENSE
• JeraSoft VCS
• JT International
• Unmanned Life: Autonomy-as-a-Service
• V by Vodafone

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