October 10, 2017

How Will M2M Services Make More Billions In A Few Years?

IoT Now - M2M and Industrial IoT (IIoT)

On the back of this development in connectivity for vehicles will come other business opportunities which will add to the demand for traffic on this network. The research agency Technavio prepared a report on the market for the machine to machine (M2M)-services, defining them as Value Added -services for operators. The scope of the research included all world markets except for those in European countries. “According to Technavio, in 2021 M2M-services will earn $38 billion(€32.37), and the average annual growth of the market will be 41% with the following growth”, says Suren Arustamyan, COO at JeraSoft for IoT Now Magazine.

Read more at https://www.iot-now.com/2017/10/09/68633-will-m2m-services-make-billions-years/

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