CDRs Disputes

The CDRs Disputes Module is a full-featured addon for the JeraSoft Billing Platform for Telecoms. This module can help you solve monetary disputes with customers or vendors with minimal effort and in the shortest time. The VCS user-friendly interface and leading-edge features make your work much easier.

In most cases, disputes have become a source of conflict for all kinds of businesses and particularly when a conflict between you and your clients affects the financial side of your business. For example, a conflict can arise due to the differences in invoices. Now you can easily and quickly resolve these problems with the CDRs Disputes Module.

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  • Compare CDRs provided by your customer/vendor with those stored in the system.
  • Compare CDRs taken straight from the switch with the CDRs stored in the system.
  • Match by the last N digits of a destination number, session time, connect and disconnect time.
  • Show clear visualization of all differences and coincidences per each call.
  • Filter results by different parameters and allowances.
  • Export dispute results in CSV file for further processing.

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