Dynamic Routing

Dynamic Routing is a feature that allows you to run your business more efficiently by providing automated management of your routes. Sometimes referred to as “LCR Routing“, JeraSoft VCS Dynamic Routing goes far beyond that, allowing you to choose a dedicated routing policy for specific customer or destination. For your convenience, a wide range of routing policies is supported.

Routing Features

  • Multiple routing policies (LCR, Quality, etc)
  • Profitability control, block unprofitable calls
  • Capacity control and active calls tracking
  • Customizable routing groups
  • Quality control and routes monitoring
  • Dynamic number translation
  • Detailed routing analysis and simulation
  • Manageable routing plans and templates
  • SIP Redirect and RADIUS-based routing
  • Setup of time profiles, balancing, etc.

Routing Plans

The Routing itself is managed through a creation of Routing Plans that describe how particular destination should be routed. This enables you to route groups of customers or isolate a routing within a specific environment, for example, separating your premium carriers for your premium customers only.

Routing Analysis

Routing information is available to you at any time with Routing Analysis tool. It allows you to get an overview of a current routing situation within your facilities or run simultaneously by replacing current routing plans with new ones.

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Any switch that supports SIP Redirect feature can work with JeraSoft VCS Dynamic Routing. Another option is RADIUS protocol extension.

Some of the supported switches

  • SwitchRay Softswitches
  • Cataleya Orchid One
  • Genband SBC
  • Brekeke SIP Server
  • Sansay VSXi, VSX
  • TELES Softswitches
  • VOS3000
  • SippySoft
  • Dialogic IMG
  • Open Source Solutions


JeraSoft VCS provides Dynamic Routing feature on a high scale. Almost any switching equipment can be integrated with VCS to use this feature. The only requirement is the support of SIP Redirect feature or RADIUS Routing extension.

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