Jurisdictional Billing

Jurisdictional billing in the USA supports domestic long distance calls — phone calls made outside a certain local call area. In the United States, each area is known as a LATA (Local Access and Transport Area). Within each LATA, a local telephone company may offer local or long distance telecommunications services. A LATA can cover an entire state, but the boundaries of each LATA are not necessarily drawn along existing state, county, or area code borders. So most states have several LATAs.

Here are the most common terms used for the Jurisdictional billing:

  • IntraLATA — the local calling area inside a LATA. If the LATA covers an entire state (usually small), the whole state will be considered intraLATA, and all calls within that state will be considered local calls.
  • InterLATA — refers to calls between two LATAs. The LATAs can be located in different states or two LATAs located in the same state. Also known as a long distance call.
  • Intrastate — calls within the same state.
  • Interstate — calls between two states.

The last two terms are rather confusing because they can be either intraLATA or interLATA. Each of these call types affects the rate or cost of the call as well as the assessed amount of taxes. So the jurisdiction affects taxes and rates for local and long distance calls. Our Jurisdictional Billing Module supports jurisdictional routing with several features and solutions.

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Jurisdictional Module features

This module provides an extensive range of flexible configuration options to meet your needs. It delivers to your business an all-inclusive management in accordance with the regulations and helps to solve complex issues.

  • Management of multiple rate tables per each jurisdiction
  • Jurisdictional routing in real-time
  • Jurisdictional billing for Online and Offline billing modes
  • Billing over NPA NXX codes
  • Support of LNP dipping from multiple vendors
  • Routing over NPA NXX codes

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