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Mobile VoIP Billing Solution

Mobile VoIP has become a highly demanded and rapidly developing division of the OTT. This branch has appeared in the middle of 2000th when the world started to use a variety of messengers. Telecommunication companies create an own application or use some platform to provide the services: calls, messages, voicemails, etc. Besides, you have already known the most famous examples of mobile VoIP applications, such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp. The bottom line of these tools is cost-free calls, messaging, file transfers within the users’ society. It might be difficult to find a business attractiveness of this idea, but all these companies are earning a huge profit through the calls on cellular and fixed phones, advertising and subscription fees.

Therefore, every telecommunications company requires a stable, scalable and effective mobile VoIP billing solution. With JeraSoft VCS, you can bill flexibly all actions of the retail customers, avoid any balance issues and get relevant reports. Moreover, you may easily create and change customers’ accounts, assign subscription plans from the variety of the company services, define the best route for the call performance and create detailed reports about customers’ activity via a Web interface or flexible API (for your own customers’ web portal).

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Why JeraSoft?

  • Customers management and accounting
  • Multiple units billing: calls, messaging, media and more
  • Pre-paid and post-paid customers, credit lines
  • Advanced Taxes Management system
  • Flexible API and Provisioning support
  • Real-time monitoring and quality control

Customer Best

The most amazing thing about VCS is that by working with JeraSoft support we managed to customize the system to our needs and make it perfect. The technical support is amazing, the guys are great and they respond lightning fast to our tickets. I think by maintaining this quality of service, JeraSoft with make JeraSoft VCS #1 billing system. We are definitely a happy customer and we recommend it to our partners.

Christian Miller, Titan International Wholesale, Inc.

VCS server is a very powerful tool that have changed the way we view outgoing VOIP traffic. Reports and alerts are now much easier, readable and editable with just a few clicks. Working with VCS is easy and convenient once you know how. VCS works for me. Thanks!

Assi Maimon, Fring

VoIP Wholesale Business is not an easy business to manage and maintain. Already three years ago we understood that the key factor for success is not only having good direct routes, but also having powerful billing solution. After continuous search for that powerful billing solution and after evaluation of 5 different products, we chose Billbery.

Alex Berkovsky, A.A. Smartcomtech USA LLC


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