Retail VoIP

Retail VoIP has become a useful and cheap communication service for the domestic and corporate usage in the 21st century. It replaced PSTN with fixed network and government providers dominance. Private telecommunication providers received an opportunity to create a new services market. JeraSoft offers the VoIP billing solution for Retail providers. JeraSoft VoIP Carrier Suite Retail, can significantly improve your billing and routing performance.

Retail VoIP Billing Solution

Nowadays, Class 5 Softswitch usage plays a vital role in the retail segment – unlike the typical wholesale Class 4 Softswitch. They have a variety of retail features, such as voicemail, messaging, conference calls, etc.

To meet the constantly evolving needs of end-users, JeraSoft developed Retail VoIP billing software. Here, you can find flexible package features, prepaid model, low balance notifications, extended API usage and other useful tools. This billing platform is scalable, highly accurate and might be used for the call routing. So, every single feature of the retail business is available for you with JeraSoft VCS. You may discover some new features not implemented by anyone else!

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Why JeraSoft?

  • A wide range of Telecom Retail services and products
  • Flexible API and Provisioning support
  • Simple integration within your infrastructure
  • DID Management, Subscription Plans and much more
  • Payment Gateway integrations and processing
  • Pay per usage of active subscribers

Customer Best

VCS server is a very powerful tool that have changed the way we view outgoing VOIP traffic. Reports and alerts are now much easier, readable and editable with just a few clicks. Working with VCS is easy and convenient once you know how. VCS works for me. Thanks!

Assi Maimon, Fring

VCS provides an easy-to-use, reliable solution for all our billing and reporting needs. Functionality is easy to navigate, reports are swiftly delivered and, above all, the stability of the system is impressive. All fast-paced companies need support systems that they can take for granted so that maximum energy can be directed towards growth rather than dealing with back-end issues. VCS allows us to do this.

Mohammed Nazrul Islam, Manor IT (UK) Limited

There is a well-known saying: “Where there’s a will there’s a way”. Jerasoft really wants to help their client meet his needs and join him in the business. It is their mission and JeraSoft seeks ways to make extraordinary solutions. Practice is the criterion of truth and practice says that working with JeraSoft makes you well.

Serguei Dobrynine, Musurit s.r.l.


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