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SMS marketing has become an integral part of modern life: Consumers receive many reminders and advertising messages, B2C companies use SMS for relatively low-cost promotion of their goods and services, and, of course, SMS resellers provide SMS service provisioning. JeraSoft Billing System can help those telecommunication providers optimize and improve their performance.SMS Wholesale Billing SolutionThe spread of the VoIP and technologies helped decrease messaging expenses and led to significant changes in the SMS market worldwide. The average mobile phone user doesn’t use his phone to send an SMS abroad because he can easily do this using shareware like Skype, Viber, or something else. The incredible growth of SMS has given new impetus to the messaging industry. Thus, SMS bulk providers and resellers assist advertising campaigns around the world. Huge corporations use SMS verification to avoid fraud and account hacks. This new reality dictates strict terms for SMS billing and routing. Although SMS is very cheap, intense competition in this market requires services with high quality, speed, and accuracy.

JeraSoft uses the latest technologies within our Telecom Billing Software and provides industry-leading end-user billing solutions. So be sure you get these features to expand your SMS Wholesale business.

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Why JeraSoft?

  • Pre-paid and post-paid billing models
  • Powerful Dynamic Routing capabilities
  • Advanced Reporting and analyzing tools
  • Rock-solid stability and 24/7 Support
  • Number Portability (LNP/MNP) support
  • Real-time monitoring and quality control

Customer Best

VoIP Wholesale Business is not an easy business to manage and maintain. Already three years ago we understood that the key factor for success is not only having good direct routes, but also having powerful billing solution. After continuous search for that powerful billing solution and after evaluation of 5 different products, we chose Billbery.

Alex Berkovsky, A.A. Smartcomtech USA LLC

VCS server is a very powerful tool that have changed the way we view outgoing VOIP traffic. Reports and alerts are now much easier, readable and editable with just a few clicks. Working with VCS is easy and convenient once you know how. VCS works for me. Thanks!

Assi Maimon, Fring

VCS provides an easy-to-use, reliable solution for all our billing and reporting needs. Functionality is easy to navigate, reports are swiftly delivered and, above all, the stability of the system is impressive. All fast-paced companies need support systems that they can take for granted so that maximum energy can be directed towards growth rather than dealing with back-end issues. VCS allows us to do this.

Mohammed Nazrul Islam, Manor IT (UK) Limited


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