March 20, 2018

6 Major Needs Of Mobile Internet Users

How can mobile operators gain the trust of subscribers when planning the launch of next-generation networks? To answer the above question, Ericsson’s analysts conducted a large-scale research project in which they studied in detail the six key needs of mobile Internet users.

Core Needs Of Mobile Internet Users

Despite the fact that the study was targeted to the expectations of 5G technology enhancements for subscribers, users advised that they want to see the movement of operators to meet these needs in existing networks – when planning or optimizing mobile networks of the fourth generation.

6 Major Needs Of Mobile Internet Users

Buying Mobile Services Should Be Easier

Subscribers consider the telecommunications market too complex. 6 out of 10 smartphone users complain about the intricacies of mobile Internet charging. This is about the significant difference between what subscribers buy and what they actually use. Only three out of ten respondents agree with how the operator describes their tariff plans on the Internet. This suggests that the “digital” experience of subscribers is complex and requires additional efforts.

Subscribers Want To Feel “no limit”

Subscribers in most cases do not need an unlimited mobile Internet. What they really need is a sense of freedom giving them unlimited possibilities. Internal peace of mind for smartphone users is the main motive for purchasing tariff plans with unlimited mobile data allowances. Therefore, subscribers want operators to offer them alternative ways to feel this freedom.

Gigabytes Should Become A Currency

On average, a smartphone user for one year under-uses 31 GB of their mobile traffic allocation. This would be enough for 65 hours of video calls, 517 hours of listening to music online or viewing all six series of the “Game of Thrones”. Two out of five respondents would like to use extra Gigabytes as a currency. They need to be able to accumulate, exchange or give unused allowances to other users.

Users need more than just mobile data packets

Fast mobile Internet and fair pricing are more important factors for subscribers than the amount of mobile data included in the package. All the more important when choosing a mobile operator is the availability of offers with included video content and other innovative services. Users also want personalized tariffs for their use of mobile Internet.

Users expect to get more from 5G networks

There is a prevailing view in the industry that subscribers are not too interested in 5G. Despite this fact, about 76% of subscribers are enthusiastic about the arrival of this technology. And at the same time, they expect to get something more than just high speed.  They need coverage and a lower cost of gigabytes. First of all, subscribers expect to see an increase in the battery life of the smartphone. Also, they need an ability to add to their network many other “smart” devices. Users also assume that with the arrival of 5G they will no longer have to pay for every gigabyte spent. They want to have a fixed fee for the service or use of the connected device.

Subscribers want to see real networks, not advertising slogans

With the evolution of mobile networks, mobile internet users more than ever want operators to avoid unreasonable advertising slogans. Instead focus on the real capabilities of their networks, making marketing more honest and transparent. This follows on from a report that only 4% trust the mobile network parameters declared by the operator.

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