October 25, 2017

How To Choose A Billing System: Flexibility

Not every billing system can work under conditions of frequent changes of various parameters. For example, the marketing efforts of some providers involve the development of a large number of tariff plans – this is necessary to understand which combinations of services attract users more. If such work is carried out constantly, then often there is a need to remove inefficient tariffs and the introduction of new ones. Without support for such a flexible configuration, it will be very difficult for an ISP, telco operator, IoT or Cloud Service provider to effectively work with billing.

BLOG - How to choose a billing system - flexibility

Customization. Flexibility

In addition, in today’s tough competition on the telecom market, it is important that billing is not just another system in the operator’s park, but a platform that helps to develop the business. Here, there is the opportunity to integrate the billing system with other products, such as CRM and HelpDesk.

If billing developers think about the non-billing tasks of their users – this is a good sign. However, here we also need to pay attention to exactly how support for such functions is implemented. If billing is a huge combine that can work with different types of systems, but the support of specific products is rigidly prescribed in the system, it is inconvenient to work with.

Another approach is the availability of opportunities for integration with third-party systems. In this case, the billing buyer will be able to integrate it with the tools used in the company in the future. This is very convenient and allows increasing the efficiency of the work because together with the new billing system, you will not have to implement the accompanying software products and train employees to work with them.

JeraSoft VCS is already integrated with multiple systems to meet the needs of a variety of businesses models. The system can easily interconnect with almost any solution over SIP, RADIUS, DIAMETER protocols or xDR text files.

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