October 25, 2017

How To Choose A Billing System: Support

Billing is a critical system for the operator’s business. Therefore, users need to be able to quickly solve the problems with the help of the billing system’s developers. The quality and speed of the billing developer’s support service are very important. These factors you need to pay attention when choosing a billing system.

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Quality of Support

To assess the quality of support, you need to get answers to several questions. First of all, it should be clarified the availability of round-the-clock team. You should also have a dedicated telephone number for communication on urgent incidents. Also, it is important to have a system for registering applications. This will make it easier to track the fate of a call to the help service. For example, the JeraSoft’s support team can be reached via different ways. With the help of a ticketing system, all the tickets are tracked.

An indicator of quality service is also the availability of open metrics for evaluating the services provided: for example, the response time for incidents of various types, the average decision time, the number of open tickets, the average recovery time for critical failures, and so on. If billing developers do not track these indicators, then they will not be able to guarantee a certain level of quality of support.

It is important to clarify with the developers how the support department can help the client – will it be possible to contact his specialists for help in setting up new features of the system, or only issues relating to the elimination of defects are considered.

The JeraSoft’s 24/7 Support Team consists of professional engineers aimed at assisting customers with their billing software and help them master the billing platform’s features in real time. Contact a team member to discover all the benefits of using the JeraSoft Billing Platform.

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