May 14, 2019

Convergent Billing Advantages for Telecom Operators and End-Users


Telecom operators and organizations around the world have developed numerous billings solutions and techniques over the years to facilitate customers as well as for the progression of the telecommunication industry. Furthermore, it’s an ongoing industry that keeps inventing new mechanics for its improvement.

Here are some of the advantages of convergent billing.

Fewer Billing Errors

One of the major advantages is the availability of an individual itemized billing of a customer. It provides an overview of outgoing calls that in the end benefits both the user and the firm. Most telecom firms have a large number of accounts to handle. It often leads to data complication and countless errors.

The advent of Telecom Billing Solutions Act has reduced the risk of errors. It also benefits users who might want to save themselves from errors that had nothing to do with human error but resulted because of transactional value in the first place.

Another leading advantage of convergent billing is its pre-identified model that improves customer service. Customer service executives are always aware of the queries that their customers pose which ultimately helps maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Elimination Of Matching Words

The elimination of any duplicate processing through a social security number is one of the best things about convergent billing systems. Information about any duplication of double entries is also likely to reduce the risk of fake information substantially.

Now, this helps both telecom operators, who want to have up-to-date entry systems for their customers and end-users who want to avoid any discrepancy, like fraud or criminal activities.

Tariff Regularization And Changes

Many telecom firms are also inclined to change their tariff policies on their services quite regularly. This usually happens largely to incorporate new tariff changes in the billing process. The entire process helps customers and firms in smooth updated transitioning.

Comprehensive Hands-On Bill

Smartphone devices have truly revolutionized the industry and market place alike. Telecom industry wants to adopt paperless lead generation. Besides, the risk of human error in bill processing exceeds the errors made by a usual operating device in a billing solution.

In the age of digitalization, customers get a comprehensive single monthly bill detailing the services they have used in the form of number of calls, time, detailed messages, and overall internet expenses. Hence, it is in the interest of the telecom operators to offer in-depth and layered billing solutions.


New telecom solutions are constantly being invented to reinvigorate the end-user experience. Many possibilities lie ahead in the world of billing solutions. Something like self-service billing solutions most likely will be a regular billing norm where customers can have the option to choose and switch between their billing plans and manage the accounts on their own.

Overall, convergent billing is gaining a lot of popularity because it saves time. Commonalities, like mobile service postpaid bill and other data service charges, could all be merged into one invoice. Relatively, it also helps companies to offer exclusive wide-range services to a variety of new customers in the form of bundles and packages at discounted rates.

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