September 21, 2017

IoT Security Issues in 2017

A new technological revolution is coming: in the coming months and years all devices will become “smart” and synchronized with the network. But the Internet of things opens new opportunities for cybercriminals. The growth rate of IoT security issues is expected to significantly accelerate in 2017. By the end of the decade synchronizing with the network will become commonplace, and smart devices will fill the shelves of stores by 2020. The result will be an increased demand for new forms of cybersecurity.

We identified the IoT security issues in the four industries that will make the Internet of things become vulnerable to hackers in the coming years.

IoT Security: Automobiles

First of all, smart systems will be used in transport. Unmanned vehicles work through an Internet connection, and this opens the way for new vulnerabilities. It has already become clear that hacking the control system of such a car can lead to loss of its steering and braking. Therefore, security systems to prevent cyber theft of cars will increase in demand in the future.

IoT Security: At Home

Door locks, climate control, smart stoves, and other household items will also become part of the Internet of things. And they will become the main vulnerabilities of smart homes. For example, smart door locks will allow hackers to penetrate into someone else’s home. Such hacking can cause significant harm to the owners of smart homes.

IoT Security: Confidentiality

Devices connected to the Internet of things will collect data, a lot of personal data. And this will open up new opportunities for the theft of personal information. Each supported system to an IoT ecosystem should be well-prepared and well-checked.

IoT Security: National Security

At one time, the US National Security Agency banned the use of the Furby toy at its headquarters. They were afraid that the device would be able to record and then reproduce confidential information outside the office. The public felt that these precautions were unnecessary—Furby technologies are too primitive. However, in the era of the Internet of things, there will be many more real threats to national security.

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