January 12, 2021

Trends to Shape the Telecom Industry in 2021

2020 has come to an end, and we have finally entered a new year. While last year was full of challenges and difficulties, it is time to look back at the digital transformations that took place. We successfully followed new and innovative trends in a single year. Before the pandemic, industry leaders couldn’t imagine achieving so much digital advancement in just a year. While the global pandemic had various effects on most of the world, the year brought forth various innovations.

Although the change was drastic, we are still looking forward to experience increasingly rapid changes in the VoIP and telecommunication industry. We had to encounter more major and challenging changes than we ever did. Modern technology and the pandemic situation significantly increased the need and demand for reliable digital services. That’s why we find it essential to share some technological trends and forecasts for this year, so you should know what to expect in 2021.

How will 5G become Mainstream Technology Globally?

As many countries are still following trends like remote working and staying at home, 5G use will be widespread. That is why technological experts and companies are anticipating the revolutionary fifth-generation networking systems. The discussion of 5G technology was a top trend that rules the telecommunication market. This means once 5G becomes a mainstream technology, we will experience faster internet with a shorter response time. We can successfully avoid network congestion and packet loss.

Before fifth-generation technology becomes widespread, many top technology companies such as DoCoMo and SK Telecom started working on 6G developments. This means that we are thinking ahead of the Internet of Things and about to experience real holographic communication, X-Reality applications, distance learning, remote access, and many more advanced technologies.

Integration of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence significantly enhance user experience, network reliability, and much more. This helps in improving the telecommunication industry. When a company invests in machine learning and artificial intelligence, they contribute to better product creation and make an informed decision keeping them above the competitors in the market.

Companies with adaptation to the ML and AL in 2020 will have the upper hand in 2021 as they have better and faster technology to tackle challenges in the global and local market. For instance, AI and ML can help companies in the fight against fraudulent activities. They can identify such activity and take appropriate actions against perpetrators.

Call centers and other VoIP industries can enhance their delivery with the help of AI. They will provide customers with self-help solutions. Artificial Intelligence can execute challenging activities and tasks that humans cannot perform. The VoIP industry will adapt to AI because of its capabilities to predict human behavior, identify the issues, and provide the best solution.

The development of AI and virtual assistance have become effective for the technological advancement that we are experiencing today. In the future, we will experience further advancement in these technologies. Furthermore, their data collection abilities and ability to generate accurate results will help the telecommunication industry in 2021 for personalized customer services.

Growth of United Communications as a Service

UCaaS and Unified Communications enables businesses to create their communication networks. This means that more companies will be able to create their cloud system for the flexibility of their communication in the future. Future communication will depend on the cloud-based system, and as VoIP is the core technology of UCaaS, companies will use VoIP for electronic devices to save time and money. Imagine the flexibility of your cellular devices when it will be powered by 5G technology. So VoIP systems are the door to the future of communication. It will keep the data storing and collecting process easy and fast, helping us in communicating with each other rapidly without any barrier and disturbance.

Number Porting and Blockchain

In 2021 we will experience Local Number Portability and Mobile Number Portability. These number porting services will enable the business to communicate with their customers even after years. As more businesses are moving towards VoIP, their numbers will remain the same even if they shift from one telecom provider to another.

Thanks to the blockchain for simplifying the number porting process. Blockchain solutions with the increase of number porting will accelerate the mobile phone migration from a service provider to a different one. As a distributed ledger database provider, blockchain enables you to share your data as permanent online information. Furthermore, the telecom provider all over the world can access the standard ledger for routing.

How VoIP can Increase Security Threats

The increase in the availability of data and easy access can lead to the rise of cyber-attacks. VoIP enables data access to anyone, from anywhere, increasing the threats for the consumers. Where VoIP technology is the best thing you will witness in 2021 for the telecommunication industry’s advancement, the companies should lower the threats by introducing better security practices and providing reliable cybersecurity services. We can experience rapid progress in VoIP technology development by securing it from the risk of cybercrime.

COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 may be a disaster for the world, but service providers find this opportunity more liable for the telecommunication industry’s advancement. As people are unable to leave their house due to COVID-19, physical communication is limited. Nonetheless, electronic devices help the world resume operations and perform other activities.

That is why telecommunication providers focus more on keeping communication between people possible despite the crisis. The efforts of telecom providers are reducing the negative effects of the virus. They are turning this opportunity into commercial success by breaking the trends and fulfilling the consumers’ demand. Now, they are concentrating on 5G development and digitalization of the world even further.


The above future trends and technological advancement in the telecommunication and VoIP industry will shift the world to advancement in 2021. You can adopt these changes for gaining benefits in the competitive global market through digitalizing your business communication. Stay tuned and follow our blogs for more interesting news, trends, changes, and development in the VoIP and Telecom industry.

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