September 27, 2017

V2V: When Cars Will Communicate?

Analytical agency Juniper Research studied the market for automotive telematics and found out that in 2017 more than 150,000 cars will be sold with V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communications systems built in. This technology is not just about traditional connected cars that only consume data from the network. Also, it is about those machines – M2M, that can communicate with each other.

V2V Technologies

According to analysts, the growth of sales of such cars will be like an avalanche, an average increase of 376% per year. In 2022 they will account for over 50% of all cars sold.

Technologies for V2V systems are being developed primarily for fully autonomous vehicles. These vehicles are designed to have the ability to analyze the environment and obstacles whenever the car is in motion. The standard geo-data can be collected via GPS and any collision threats are read from each car through a Light-Detection and Ranging system. Then the exchange of information between connected cars will make their movement safer.

For example, one car decides to reverse, and instead of just starting this maneuver, it will first notify all the other cars in the range. Those, in turn, will provide room for this maneuver, for example, slowing down or accelerating to clear the path for the reversing car.

V2X, V2I

A critical foundation for this technology is the 5G network, in which a high data rate is adjacent to an instantaneous response mode. It reduces the communication time and increases the reaction speed. In addition to V2V, there are many other abbreviations describing the corresponding directions of vehicle communication. For example, V2X – vehicle and everything around (vehicle-to-everything), V2I – car, and infrastructure, for example.

Each autonomous car will consume up to a terabyte of data every day. It will require completely different rates of mobile Internet and computing power built into the vehicle itself. Read the blog article – 10 Trends in the Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2017.

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