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Nord Connect Ltd. is a state-of-the-art telecom carrier based in the Baltic States. Their main offices are in Estonia and Lithuania. Nord Connect runs classic wholesale telecoms services as well as a retail telecom business and provides their customers’ with digital communication solutions such as OTT (calling application OHHO), DID Numbers, Enterprise telephony etc. The company is actively developing its offerings and in the near future plans to launch an SMS direction facility.

Choosing Billing Software

“We have focused on finding a solution that can meet our business needs from start to finish. This means – a multifunctional solution that justifies its cost by the quality of both the product and the related services. Since we started with wholesale services initially, it was extremely important the telecom billing server be flexible enough to support not only classic billing functions but also those such as Dynamic Routing and Rates Management. Having all this functionality in one platform is extremely convenient, as the result of such a full-featured solution makes it easier for several departments,” – said Iuliia Laaneots, CTO at NordConnect.

Product Usage

The Nord Connect team has been using the billing solution JeraSoft VCS since 2010. The company started with a license of 20 million and grew to 40. Using JeraSoft VCS, Nord Connect finds it very easy to collect all the relevant information on the use of its telecommunications services, tracking the costs and charges for them, billing subscribers, processing payments and managing the billing functions across the board.

In addition to the basic functions of the system, the company uses the capabilities of the Dynamic Routing module. With it, Nord Connect completely closes the business tasks of routing calls and processes priority directions and traffic.
Thanks to the Rates Management Module, the company is able to quickly create effective marketing offers and various tariff plans that the company can target and test.

“JeraSoft VCS is the most important tool for implementing our business processes. It is the basis for the implementation of some of the services that we offer. At the same time, each of the departments of the company manages for itself the significant features included in the package that support their own functions. If we talk about the sales department, we can certainly recall the importance of such parts of the billing as statistics and reporting. Based on the data from the reports received by their billing analysis, the sales department determines the strategically important indicators of the development of the entire company. The Technical Department will allocate for itself the possibility of creating routing rules and processing traffic. For billing managers, the management plan and detailed statistics are a very useful tool. The latter is really important for us, and JeraSoft VCS allows us to easily handle the processing and analysis of a large amount of data about our business, ” – added Iuliia.


We at JeraSoft support the idea of the overall flexibility of telecoms operators and serve our clients according to their unique vision. Therefore, JeraSoft offers businesses an opportunity to customize billing software according to the client’s project needs. Some of these requested upgrades and add-ons can be included in the next software update. As for the more sophisticated software re-engineering or design, they also can be tailored by JeraSoft own team of experts for the particular business but can take more time. So, as a rule, any requested project is divided into several parts and implemented consistently. However, the upgrade includes all customer requirements specified to the JeraSoft development team.

For NordConnect we have successfully implemented customized changes to their VCS. One of these was the successful integration of the portability base. Number Portability gives an operator the ability to transfer either an existing fixed-line or mobile telephone number previously assigned by a local exchange carrier and re-assign it to another carrier. Also, according to NordConnect’s specific request, an extra rate feature was added to the VCS. This is a useful tool for those who conduct business in the Eurozone markets.


“If something happens, if something cannot be worked out or resolved by our in-house technical department, we turn to Jerasoft for support. They really help us out very well in solving complex problems, and not only in terms of working with the system. The guys from their support also help our managers see new opportunities and benefits in using existing tools in the billing integration features. They also tell us how we can improve our productivity in other ways – with the help of new integrations, any customization, and the introduction of changes to x in the current process. If we say that billing is one of the foundations of any business that operates in the telecom field, then it is easier to convey how important it is that each issue is resolved instantly. We can say that JeraSoft support is our right-hand man, part of our team. ” – said Iuliia Laaneots, CTO at NordConnect.

Why JeraSoft VCS

JeraSoft VCS – is not just a billing software. We really do understand the operator’s workflow and the daily issues that can arise. The multicomponent platform also helps businesses with their routing, rating, mediation and provisioning needs. Moreover, JeraSoft VCS is a cluster billing solution which is protected from any local server failures. The cluster consists of a Master server plus one or several redundant servers. These are backup servers that can take over instantly if the Master server fails. This makes sense for those businesses that have chosen on-premises systems deployment, giving added security and peace of mind.

“We at NordCordonnet do really appreciate the billing platform of our choice is not just a “billing tool”. JeraSoft’s solution has plenty of add-ons, instruments, and functions that really help us. Instead of purchasing/subscribing for a few instruments, we have gathered all the needed ones on a single platform! There are many reasons why we see a successful future through our cooperation with the JeraSoft team. We want our product to develop and offer our subscribers new innovative opportunities, which requires a complex solution to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why we need our core partner to be not just perfect but as flexible as we are.,” – added Iuliia Laaneots.

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