June 13, 2018

JeraSoft: 13 Years in Numbers Infographics

On 13th of June JeraSoft celebrates its thirteenth birthday! We are thankful to all our customers and partners, appreciate every day of our mutual cooperation and success. Birthday is an awesome time to sum up all achievements and set new goals, so we are delighted to share our infographics – JeraSoft: 13 years in numbers.



We are proud to share company statistics for these fruitful 13 years.

JeraSoft cooperates with customers from 5 continents, who live in 58 countries all over the world.

Our team has accomplished more than 400 successful projects.

To be closer to our customers, we have attended 83 global tech events and have spent 706 ours in the air to get there.

We have launched JeraSoft VCS new features in 191 product releases with 13 633 commits done.

Created community of 25 reliable partners all over the globe and implemented 126 integrations.

To stay in touch with you 24/7 and be able to help every minute, our support team has had 4 748 night shifts, in total we have absorbed 81 495 cups of coffee.

350 844 384 563 number of units billed by JeraSoft VCS solution.

All above was achieved by an outstanding JeraSoft team of 30 people.


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