November 22, 2016

Integration with Sippy Softswitch

The JeraSoft team is delighted to announce that integration with Sippy Softswitch has been successfully completed. Development has been completed in close collaboration between Sippy Software Inc. (“Sippy”) and the JeraSoft team, providing a JeraSoft-based billing solution based on the CDRs provided by Sippy Softswitch. This allows presenting a stable, convenient, and well-tested solution for all users of Sippy and JeraSoft VCS.

Sippy Softswitch integration


If you are looking to build your telecom business on the JeraSoft VCS solution while using Sippy Softswitch be we will do our best to make your business reliable and profitable. Both emerging and established telecommunications companies can build upon Sippy solutions and integrate as their business life-cycle and customers demand with unmatched versatility.
Gavin McMillan, Director of Sales at Sippy Software Inc., comments, “Our customers are looking for a solid foundation that is flexible and capable of scaling to meet traffic demands. With JeraSoft integrated, clients have access to more tools, more advanced billing, and additional business management features to deliver a level of unparalleled control over their voice business.”

About Sippy Software

Sippy Software, Inc. is a software development company focussed on delivering advanced Internet telephony (Softswitch and Media Proxy) solutions to the wholesale and retail telecommunications market since 2004. Based on a reliable, flexible, and robust architecture, Sippy is the Softswitch platform of choice for carriers, wholesalers, retail VoIP providers, and SIP trunking companies. Moreover, the Softswitch platform delivers solutions that handle over 20 billion minutes of annual capacity.

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