December 18, 2017

Technology Award 2017 Winner

2017 Technology Award Winner

JeraSoft, a leading billing solution provider, announced today that it had been honored to receive a Technology Award 2017 given by TMT Magazine. The company has been recognized in two categories as the “Most Advanced Telecom Solutions Provider (UK)” and for the “Most Innovative IoT Billing Platform”.
2017 Technology Award Winner
TMT’s Technology Award 2017 honors companies who have demonstrated innovation technology solutions that improve the bottom line for their customers as well as exceptional leadership in developing new technological advancements in their respective industries. This achievement recognizes the unique, patented billing technology behind JeraSoft’s products for communications and Internet of Things industries — which focus on growing capabilities to sustain the business growth of the customers via automating billing, rating and routing processes — for its novel and creative approach to solving some of the industry’s most challenging problems.

“We are honored to be recognized by the industry opinion-leading organization and the public for our day-to-day work and efforts. However, as pure engineers, we measure the company’s and team’s success by the number of satisfied users on a daily basis and customers who sustain business growth year to year. “ – believes Andrii Zinchenko, CTO at JeraSoft. “This year we have launched the IoT Billing Platform and significantly empowered the system for telecoms. It has moved us one step forward in developing multicomplex marketable solutions, strengthened with thorough technical support aimed at making our clients forget about any functional and technology limits while extending their businesses and markets. That is the strategy behind JeraSoft’s development and success over the last 12 years.” – he added.

JeraSoft’s solutions enable IoT and telecom providers around the world to simplify billing processes so they can focus on strategic business priorities and breakthroughs. Through the years, JeraSoft has been recognized as a leader in agile solutions development by customers, partners and the tech and communication industries garnering them a wide range of awards for eminent service standards as well as business inputs.

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