November 15, 2021

JeraSoft Announces the Major Release 3.23 with a New Rates Analysis 2.0, improved Taxation Tools, and Integrations with TelcoBridges, Netsapiens, Brekeke

JeraSoft 3.23

November 15, 2021JeraSoft Limited – top-developer and integrator of high-quality billing solutions for telecom and IoT providers, today announced the major release of the JeraSoft Telecom and IoT Billing Platform – JeraSoft Billing 3.23. This release brings totally new Rates Analysis, significant performance improvements, upgraded TelcoBridges, Brekeke, Sansay integrations, as well as a new integration with Netsapiens.

Rate Analysis 2.0

Rate Analysis is one of the most anticipated features of the new product release. Actually, a completely new module has been released – Rates Analysis 2.0. It is presented with a new UI, that has a much better fit to the actual business function and use cases of the rates management.

Due to the completely innovative reworks, it simplifies building of the rates tables for the end-customers based on the current state of the market. Analyze trends and upcoming changes, quality and routing options – everything at the same place.

To get the most out of the new features, new educational materials will be released and introduced to the customers by the JeraSoft team later this month.

Reports to Email


JeraSoft constantly works on the monitoring and observability improvements. As a part of this plan, Reports to Email scheduling options were improved in order to enable flexibility of simultaneously used reports. The section has also undergone a number of internal technical enhancements to demonstrate smooth and precise performance.

US Taxation

One of the major updates in the section’s functionality is Safe Harbor logic implementation.
The new feature allows the usage of a simplified process for tax calculation in telephony – Safe Harbor. In an effort to help simplify one of the more complicated aspects of communications taxes for cellular and VoIP providers, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) offers Safe Harbor ratios to gauge tax payments on interstate and international voice calls. 

From now on, JeraSoft Billing supports Safe Harbor taxation ratios, this helps to evade traffic analysis and refines the taxation process in whole.

Compliance Solutions

Besides Safe Harbour logic implementation, there were also several improvements in the integration with Compliance Solutions. Among them are extra charges, package and service settings which support detailing of US tax codes in different entities of the system to simplify the whole taxation process.


Another major change in version 3.23 is a significant rework to the calculation process, which now allows the use of distributed computing within the billing cluster. Due to a separate Calculation Node introduced in the new version, customers are now enabled to scale the load to the additional servers.

One more tangible improvement for customers is performance increase, the Calculator service becomes faster up to 20%, compared with the previous versions productivity.

The list of minor updates includes improvements in the next modules and sections as, DIDs, Rates Generator, Traffic Processing, Reporting, Client Panel and UI improvements in Rates section, Regional Settings, Taxes Profiles.

Detailed manual on new functionality and system updates can be found on JeraSoft Documentation Portal in JeraSoft Billing 3.23.0 release notes article.

From November 15, 2021, JeraSoft Billing 3.23 is officially available for installation. All existing JeraSoft customers are encouraged to upgrade their current version to the latest version. Clients with active Support Subscriptions get this upgrade as a current update and FREE of charge.

Join the upcoming webinar to explore new functionality in real time and discover exceptional product benefits which will help to improve your business performance!

About JeraSoft

JeraSoft is a developer and integrator of highly productive Billing Solutions for Mobile and Business Telecoms (Retail and Wholesale VoIP, MVNO/MNO, OTT and SMS Providers) and IoT/M2M Providers. Since 2005 JeraSoft has been putting together key insight and successful billing management practices, combining them with state-of-the-art web and telecom technologies. The result is a powerful platform the Telecom and IoT providers can use to streamline Billing Processes and add value to their business.

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