January 8, 2020

JeraSoft Billing 3.20 Top Features: Swap Deals and Rates Management

JeraSoft Billing 3.20

January 8, 2020JeraSoft Limited, telecom and IoT solutions developer and integrator is excited to highlight two major updates of the new version –Swap Deals and Rates Management. Rolled out in December 2019, JeraSoft Billing version 3.20 brings extended features and developments in the Routing module, improved performance, and updates in the Rates module and Swap Deals management features development.

Swap Deals

One of the most significant developments in this current release is adding a new module for Swap Deals management. The Swap Deals section has been created since version 3.20 of the JeraSoft Billing. Its purpose is to comprise all the bilateral agreements for further monitoring and analysis. 

The section supports Swap Deals management for multiple services and destinations. From now on, customers will be able to see forecasts per deal, revenue calculations, as well as informative alerts to ensure commitments will be fulfilled on time.

Swap Deals’ in-system functioning

Swap Deals work within the billing system using the information on rates and current statistics. This service updates each Swap Deal’s statistics maximum once an hour. It monitors the current statistics and updates the Swap Deal information putting a timestamp of the latest changes to the Update Time field in the General section of an Items List tab.

If the Swap Deals Manager detects during its analysis that any item in a swap deal is performing not as expected, it will generate an alert. Such alerts are sent at a frequency of maximum once in 4 hours. 

Rates Management 

Rates Import

To make the import process even more simple yet functional, there were added a few new options.

Enable Billing increment check feature and the system will raise an error in case imported rates’ billing increments differ from those already present in the Rate Table.

Additionally, the On Duplicates mode has been deprecated as the system can automatically detect duplicates during import. If any are found, they would be skipped.

As for the general import flow, if there is any change between the rate in the rate file and the existing rate, the system will resave the rate from the import file. 

Import Reverting

The import reverting process has been reworked for the ability to restore more accurate pre-import data. That is, if any changes were made to the Rate Table during import, by reverting a particular import, all of them would be discarded to leave the current rates as they were before import.

Among minor updates in JeraSoft Billing 3.20 are Provisioning API (including Email Rates Manager Handler and Import Handler), Improvements in UI in Balance report and Traffic Processing sections, CoreAPI (Clients authentication).

Detailed manual on new functionality and system updates can be found on JeraSoft Documentation Portal in JeraSoft Billing 3.20 release notes article.

From December 05, 2019, JeraSoft Billing 3.20 is officially available for installation. All existing JeraSoft customers are encouraged to upgrade their current version to the latest version. Clients with active Support Subscriptions get this upgrade as a current update and FREE of charge.

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