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Wholesale VoIP Services are popular and profitable among both the VoIP providers and end users. The VoIP still revolutionizes the telecommunications sector. Wholesale transit traffic exchange is a base of the entire VoIP industry. Transit telecom operators supply VoIP traffic transit service. It happens in a chain-like manner until the actual call reaches the VoIP termination provider and local PSTN network terminates it. So, the VoIP business scheme may look like this: source customer (the one that calls) -> local VoIP service provider -> VoIP traffic transit company (or a whole network of them) -> VoIP termination provider -> PSTN network. Truthfully, transit traffic exchange companies may be considered the transporting medium of VoIP.
Wholesale VoIP Billing Solution Wholesale VoIP providers negotiate costs with countries. They set profit margins and resell to VoIP services, provide low price, 24/7 support solutions, offer toll-free and hosted PBX phone systems. Also, they handle wholesale origination and termination. Moreover, they can offer other services that include: local and long distance calling, virtual attendants, call center solutions, data backup services and toll-free services.

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Why JeraSoft?

  • Multi-level resellers management
  • Customers management and accounting
  • Flexible Rates analysis and management
  • Powerful Dynamic Routing capabilities
  • Advanced Reporting and analyzing tools
  • Real-time monitoring and quality control

Customer Best

To make a productive working relationship with partners, the key ingredients are the ability to respond accurately and quickly to any issue, meet deadlines and organize tasks effectively. In this regard, we greatly sympathize with JeraSoft team position. By submitting a request to the support service, within 5 minutes we can observe an activity on the system, and within 10 minutes – an adequate response with issue solving!

Julia Laaneots, NordConnect

We were in desperate search of some good billing software. We tried at least two solutions but none of them come up to the mark. The critical nature of the Telecom Business require a perfect online system, we must be sure that what we are billing is accurate. We found what we were looking for in shape of JeraSoft VCS. Thx to JeraSoft VCS which gave us our sleep back!

Muhammad Kashif, Quantum Global Communications, Inc.

The most amazing thing about VCS is that by working with JeraSoft support we managed to customize the system to our needs and make it perfect. The technical support is amazing, the guys are great and they respond lightning fast to our tickets. I think by maintaining this quality of service, JeraSoft with make JeraSoft VCS #1 billing system. We are definitely a happy customer and we recommend it to our partners.

Christian Miller, Titan International Wholesale, Inc.


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