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The introduction of a billing system is a complex process, trying to avoid any errors which may lead to future failures in customer service and financial losses. Therefore, it is desirable that the developers offer users assistance in billing deployment process. Sometimes operators consider it more profitable to independently implement the billing since such work allows the company’s engineers to better understand the system with which they will later work for many years.

September 26, 2017

The business model of interactive digital television built on the basis of OTT technology offers individuals the facility of real-time audio and video delivery from content aggregators without the participation and control of ISP providers. Over the Top (OTT) is a technology in which content is delivered to any user connected to the Internet directly, via the HTTP protocol.

The quality of any system is determined by the quality of its architecture and technologies used. Most often, it is in this area that the main problems of self-written solutions lie, however, in the billing series there are design errors. This is what you should pay attention to when evaluating the architecture of a system and the system from inside.

We at JeraSoft have been developing billing solutions for communications operators for 12 years already, and more than a dozen of implementations have taken place over this period. An efficient and accurate billing system is necessary for most businesses that offer subscription-based services: Internet service providers, telecom providers (wholesale VoIP, SMS, OTT, MVNO, Retail VoIP, Mobile VoIP) and IoT providers, data centers, content service providers, cloud services and others.

Mobile operators around the world are losing billions of dollars annually due to the spread of instant messaging. In 2014, according to the calculations by Juniper Networks, telecom companies lost more than $14 billion due to instant messaging and VoIP-services, which users use to replace traditional calls and SMS-messages. By 2018, the size of their losses could reach $386 billion. So why do providers need their own messaging platforms?

April 15, 2017

Technology that enables individuals or enterprises to transfer content such as audio, video, text, and images over the Internet without the involvement of any system operator or provider for distribution of the content is called OTT (Over-the-top). OTT has become the most successful industry of this decade. What makes OTT so compelling? And how do you make money on OTT mobile VoIP services?

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