September 5, 2016

A-number Billing

What if you receive a new price list from your provider with multiple rates for the same destination? Make sure that you are ready to face this challenge. Welcome to A-number billing or origination surcharges. Under a proposal of the European Commission in 2015, the European Parliament and Council agreed to end roaming charges for all Europeans. These changes come into force in June 2017.

What effect will the new legislation have?

In such a scenario, a new approach should ensure low prices for consumers all across the EU and safeguards for operators against potential abuses. What’s more, this law will protect operators against abuses based on residence or permanent links to an EU country. And it will protect operators from exceptional situations in the domestic markets.

For example, if the price increases or other negative effects appear, operators can go beyond “roam like at home” and temporarily add surcharges. The Commission set maximum roaming charges at €0.04/min per call, €0.01/SMS and €0.0085/MB

A-number billing or how do providers respond to changes?

The carriers will start to charge different prices for the same destination with. Therefore, each price will be set according to the country code or origination route. It’s known as A-number billing or origination surcharges. Previously, carriers have been dealing with B-number rating, billing, and routing. Due to the changes, they need to change their schemes and focus on both A (origin) and B (destination) billing.

Surely, as a telecommunication business operator, you want to be fully prepared for major changes to the international roaming regulations to stay afloat. Most importantly, it’s necessary to find ways for capturing revenue and competing with other carriers despite upcoming legislative rules.

From our side, JeraSoft can help to tackle this challenge.

We offer a fully integrated solution with A-number billing. Several our clients are already using such a billing scheme as an alternative method. We appreciate your business, we will do our best to serve you.

You can find a detailed guide “How to bill by Access Numbers (A-number billing)” via JeraSoft VCS in our Knowledge Base.

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