February 7, 2017

Where Are Call Shops?

Call shops are also known as Public Call Offices (PCOs). They employ VoIP (voice over IP) technology for making calls. The call shop is similar to public telephone booths, and it’s mostly found in places where fixed telephony is not available. This business provides phones to make calls and, in particular, long-distance calls via VoIP.

Some people say call shops are dead. They claim the Internet, growing telecommunication business networks, and other applications such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp have rendered them obsolete. It seems that call shops are the last vestige of the bygone era of public telephone booths.

Over the last decade, call shops were one of the cheapest means to stay connected with people from any part of the world. They were commonly found in large cities where a lot of tourists would need to make low cost international or long distance telephone calls. Now, people carry a mini computer connected to a cellular network in their pockets. It allows them to more effectively use VoIP technology to connect with others in the industrialized world.
That is what happened to the call shops. The revolution of the VoIP calling services took place and devoured them.

Nowadays, call shops are considered an out-of-date technology, and it’s not possible to earn good money in it. However, it’s still alive in some places, such as Spain and South America. And the fact remains that call shops are widely used in hotels. The international calls from hotel rooms are still made in the same way. Moreover, some Internet cafés provide these services. Therefore, JeraSoft supports this technology with our multifunctional system.

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