July 13, 2022

JeraSoft Announces the Major Release 3.24

JeraSoft Billing

July 13, 2022JeraSoft Limited – billing software developer for telecommunications and IoT providers, today announced the major release of the JeraSoft Telecom Billing Platform – JeraSoft Billing 3.24. This release brings New Functionality of Destination Management, improved Low Balance Notifications and Report Monitoring.

Blocked and Closed Rates

To effectively meet business requirements of our customers we have expanded how the system handles blocked and closed destinations. It gives our clients more control over routing management. So now it is possible to add blocked destinations together with rates or straight from a rates list. The change simplifies Routing management and also improves Rates Analysis, which can correctly handle those cases now. This also removes a more complicated way of managing blocks by Traffic Rules.

Reports Monitoring

One of the major updates in the system’s functionality is Reports Monitoring implementation. A Reports Monitoring came to replace the Factors Watcher tool with more flexible and robust functionality. It admits to observe better any reports in the system and define various actions to be done on triggering.

Low Balance Notifications

One of the other significant developments in the current release is adding a separate section for Low Balance notifications management. With this introduction, we are simplifying a way for low balance control for prepaid customers in the system. It provides a more versatile way for Low Balance notifications management, which includes more rules and an easy setup.

The list of minor updates includes improvements in the next modules and sections as, Automatic Email Import, Transactions, Rates Simulation and Notification, Compliance Solutions and UI changes in Invoices Templates. Detailed manual on new functionality and system updates can be found on JeraSoft Documentation Portal in JeraSoft Billing 3.24.0 release notes article.

To get the most out of the new features, new educational materials will be released and introduced to the customers by the JeraSoft team later this month. From July 1, 2022, JeraSoft Billing 3.24 is officially available for installation. All existing JeraSoft customers are encouraged to upgrade their current version to the latest version. Clients with active Support Subscriptions get this upgrade as a current update and FREE of charge.

About JeraSoft

JeraSoft is a developer and integrator of highly productive Billing Solutions for Mobile and Business Telecoms (Retail and Wholesale VoIP, MVNO/MNO, OTT and SMS Providers) and IoT/M2M Providers. Since 2005 JeraSoft has been putting together key insight and successful billing management practices, combining them with state-of-the-art web and telecom technologies. The result is a powerful platform the Telecom and IoT providers can use to streamline Billing Processes and add value to their business.

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