January 17, 2019

JeraSoft Billing Platform Is In Top 10 Billing and Provisioning Software Rating In 2019

January 17, 2019 – JeraSoft Limited, UK billing solution for telecommunications and IoT service providers was rated in Top 10 Billing and Provisioning Software in 2019 by SoftwareWorld.

To nominate, shortlist and rate the participants SoftwareWorld used various data sources, such as, customer reviews on Capterra and Get App to clients’ positive feedbacks and testimonials, and the number of successful projects.
The special attention was paid to success stories in projects where the billing software was implemented. Assi Maimon from Fring described JeraSoft VCS billing platform: “VCS server is a very powerful tool that has changed the way we view outgoing VOIP traffic. Reports and alerts are now much easier, readable and editable with just a few clicks. Working with JeraSoft VCS is easy and convenient once you know how. This billing solution works for Fring. Thanks!”

Looking for the end-to-end provision and billing solutions for your business, Billing Provisioning Software is the best option for your business. You can easily make your invoicing process awesome with the help of billing and provisioning tools. Basically, this type of software is a useful option for the telecommunication industry. The telecommunication company management can smoothly manage customer service and operational support with the help of billing and provisioning tools.

The main JeraSoft billing & provisioning features are: Billing & Invoicing, Carrier Access Billing, Contract Management, Customizable Billing, Flexible Rate Tables, Post-Paid and Pre-Paid Systems, Provisioning, Rating, Routing modules.

Agile billing platform automates your business process, helps to boost your company efficiency, decrease costs, enhance better user experience to your end-clients.
Source: SoftwareWorld – Top 10 Billing and Provisioning Software In 2019

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