June 24, 2020

JeraSoft Billing Presents New Extended Features in Major Product Release 3.21

JeraSoft Billing 3.21

June 24, 2020 – JeraSoft Limited, a renowned developer of state-of-the-art solutions for IoT, Telecom, and Cloud Service Providers is happy to introduce a new major version of its innovative Billing Platform – JeraSoft Billing 3.21. The new version has to offer a wide range of new features, as well as some minor improvements and fixes for a better performance of the system. 

Among the major updates are JeraSoft LNP Common collector and System Service section creation, Summary Report rework (which includes improvements in UI and Comparative Mode), Factors Watcher and Backup Manager rework, and Traffic Processing section improvement. 

According to Dmytry Ivashyna, CEO JeraSoft: “This June we celebrate the 15th anniversary of JeraSoft Billing platform, together with our talented team and outstanding customers. New product release is the essence of JeraSoft family experience, expertise, and innovations spirit. As software developers, we do believe that the creation of qualitative and efficient products is a powerful impact, which significantly improves the industry as a whole.”

Major Updates

System Services section

To deliver maximum clarity, the Task Scheduler section has undergone a complete makeover. The naming was changed to System Services, which are now presented as three main groups – daemons, periodical, fixed.

Number Portability

For simplification of integration with various ported numbers databases, we’ve created a JeraSoft LNP Common collector. Now it will be easier to set up LNP configurations with various not-out-of-the-box databases adjusting LNP files to a more generalized format.

Summary Report rework

Improvements in UI

To enhance the generation efficiency, we’ve further improved the Summary Report. The new columns include Taxes Total, Additive Cost, as well as the new Group by option: Dst Country.

Traffic Processing

Orig/Term Rules

Previously, to utilize a scenario for a specific pair of Originator and Terminator, the system needed two Traffic Processing rules connected through the tag. This was a fairly complex process, so we’ve re-thought the interface and added a new tab to the Traffic Processing section – Orig/Term Rules. It’s a rather simple method of creating such traffic rules, and they will be internally connected. 

The list of minor updates includes improvements in the next modules and sections as, Clients’ credit limit, Subscriptions (Price Override), Taxes Profiles rework (Compliance Integration, Taxes Profiles’ Types), Rates Import, Routing Analysis, VOS Integration Improvement, Import History.

Detailed manual on new functionality and system updates can be found on JeraSoft Documentation Portal in JeraSoft Billing 3.21.0 release notes article.

From June 24, 2020, JeraSoft Billing 3.21 is officially available for installation. All existing JeraSoft customers are encouraged to upgrade their current version to the latest version. Clients with active Support Subscriptions get this upgrade as a current update and FREE of charge.

About JeraSoft

Gathering the most outstanding technology facilities and practices, JeraSoft billing software helps IoT providers, CSPs, as well as mobile and business telecommunication operators (including MVNO, OTT, enterprise VoIP, and SMS providers) to structure and automate their billing, rating, routing, and provisioning processes. The billing platform is empowered with flexible billing units management, real-time statistics, user-friendly reporting, high-performance API, provisioning, and other add-ons that give a provider an opportunity to easily deploy, integrate, and finally get the most benefits from a single solution.

This year in June, JeraSoft celebrates professional anniversary – 15 years of performance at the global telecommunications market.

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