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JeraSoft 3.23

November 15, 2021JeraSoft Limited – top-developer and integrator of high-quality billing solutions for telecom and IoT providers, today announced the major release of the JeraSoft Telecom and IoT Billing Platform – JeraSoft Billing 3.23. This release brings totally new Rates Analysis, significant performance improvements, upgraded TelcoBridges, Brekeke, Sansay integrations, as well as a new integration with Netsapiens.

JeraSoft Billing 3.22

June 10, 2021 – JeraSoft Limited, billing software developer for telecommunications and IoT providers, today announced the major release of the JeraSoft Telecom and IoT Billing Platform – JeraSoft Billing 3.22. This release brings major updates, UI improvements, and performance optimization.

JeraSoft Billing 3.21

June 24, 2020 – JeraSoft Limited, a renowned developer of state-of-the-art solutions for IoT, Telecom, and Cloud Service Providers is happy to introduce a new major version of its innovative Billing Platform – JeraSoft Billing 3.21. The new version has to offer a wide range of new features, as well as some minor improvements and fixes for a better performance of the system. 

JeraSoft Billing 3.20

January 8, 2020JeraSoft Limited, telecom and IoT solutions developer and integrator is excited to highlight two major updates of the new version –Swap Deals and Rates Management. Rolled out in December 2019, JeraSoft Billing version 3.20 brings extended features and developments in the Routing module, improved performance, and updates in the Rates module and Swap Deals management features development.

The telecommunications industry has seen exponential growth within the last couple of years across all regions and this has given rise to the demand for efficient billing systems.

Have you ever dreamed of receiving more value while doing less work? Definitely, everyone has. In tech sphere, for instance, it’s possible due to API. However, the fact is that for many people it’s something they’ve probably heard of, but never got in details what exactly it is or how it functions. Some people even confess that at first API sounded more like a name of an airline than a technical term.

According to Nokia Bell Labs, over the next five years, the amount of IP traffic will more than double and in 2022 it will reach 330 exabytes a month. Today, customers’ needs are growing and changing, they are striving to receive more comprehensive services in telecom field, including 24/7 internet connection, high-resolution video streams and much more.

Since communication protocols are an integral part of any telecom business, it’s of vital importance for any billing software user to know what two major protocols—RADIUS and SIP—are and how they work. So what is the difference between SIP billing server software and RADIUS billing server software?

Communication operators, who for may decide for some reason to change the billing system software they are using, face a choice. Firstly, to migrate independently or to seek help from the developers of the chosen new system. In the first case, billing system migration is always carried out in half-manual mode – it is a one-time operation, there is no sense in automating it. As a result, errors occur, time frames shift and resource costs often grow well beyond the original budget.

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